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There are so many amazing mods around, both past and present, but which five made the list of the very best?

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Garrys mod is my favorite one on the list by far

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Not super exciting, but gotta give credit to DSFix. Made Dark Souls on PC playable. Also loved that one for Source that eventually became Chivalry (forget the name of it). Multiplayer for Just Cause 2 is pretty crazy. Also gotta love Cry of Fear. I'd love to see a remake or a sequel on a modern engine.

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Hmm, off the top of my head, Alien Total Conversion mod for Doom - which really showed us what was possible. The massive 'mod' for Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines which changes the game from a pathetic, buggy mess to something very fun. The Long War mod for XCOM that made a fun game into something really great.

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Everyone calls dota the first MOBA , but then what is Aeon of Strife?

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MultiTheftAuto from around 2003. It's the reason, perhaps along with GTA Tournament that GTA IV and V had multiplayer :)

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Black Mesa is in early access on Steam now and looks like they are charging for it so the full version won't be free. What was made for free was very good though :D

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the creativity! counter strike is the only mod ive played from that list

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call me boring but i still cant help but laugh at pulling a lightsaber on a foe in skyrim

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@TheGreyArea: You should have seen 'shout farts'. That was hysterical!

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She said a word without putting an inflection on it.. it was when she said Counter Strike... I never thought this day would come.

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I have to say she annoys the hell out of me, insesent smiling whilst delivering information is weird. I guess she's under pressure to be gamespot's Naomi Kyle.

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"S.T.A.L.K.E.R Lost Alpha" and "Brutal Doom" are two that I'm simply in love with. (More like upgraded overhauls, but you know what I mean).

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@Warlord_Irochi: brutal doom is beyond a mod. its simply fabulous.

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Project Nevada for Fallout: New Vegas and Wanderer's Edition for Fallout 3 are arguably the best mods ever put out for the post-apocalyptic RPG series. Both mods add so much to both games including sprinting, extra weapon customization, dynamic visors and a neat diversion from the vanilla gameplay.

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@robertcain: If developers were to mirror their DLCs after either of those mods no one would ever complain about paying for a DLC.

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I'm always amazed how quickly everyone forgets the Desert Combat mod for BF 1942. I remember when this was more popular than the official BF game.

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..But you forgot Forgotten hope as well :(

Shame on you!! ;)

Those two mods are still to this day the most played things i've played on the pc since they came out. I'd like to mention the Cinema mod for Max payne 2 an all, another cracking mod.

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This video needs hot coffee and SL.

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Black Mesa has to be my favorite. Maybe it didn't impact gaming like CSCS or Dota, but it holds a special place for me. It took an outdated classic that I could never have gotten into, and made it almost feel like a modern game.

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@zeldafan195: Where do you get Black Mesa from?

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@dani_i89@zeldafan195: There you go : << LINK REMOVED >>

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@dani_i89@zeldafan195: The Internet.

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The Gist is totally scripted, she admitted it, I knew it wasn't actual AI!

Anyway this was a good list, especially in terms of impact on gaming. I think it might be cool (although I know it's not enough for another episode) to make a list of the best mods that did not later become standalone games. It think it would definitely change how we determine which are the best.

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I love many of the Skyrim mods and enjoy trying them out. Another huge favorite of mine is Black Mesa. The first release was great and now with the count-down clock on their site I can't wait to see what's next.

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I never watch the Gist. I just wanted to say Jess looks great and has a lovely accent.

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Cry of Fear!

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@Verenti: People like to rank stuff... and there are arguments for or against it, but the fact of the matter is, people will always rank stuff.. Does Big Lebowsky fit into the same category as Mission Impossible? No..but they still both have a number attached to give people an idea of the quality of the product. Being that there are hundreds of thousands of titles out there to choose from, one must simplify that list in order to make a decision on where to put your money.... So without getting into an argument about whether Counter-Strike deserves a top spot (which in this case, I would have to agree), I would just like to say that you should probably reconsider accepting the fact that quality deserves merit, and it is always ones subjective opinion...whether you agree or not.

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@pignugget@Verenti: The trend in reviewing seems to be a move to a qualitative analysis of media. That is one that explains the ups and downs of a game instead of trying to distil the experience down to a number. Even Eurogamer embraced the style being used by smaller game reviewers where they simply can recommend a game or not without giving it a number. While Eurogamer does also have an essential rating, the system doesn't judge one title above another while they occupy the same category.

I'm not sure if people liking something is a good reason for it to exist. People enjoy the misery of other. We find the experience cathartic. We also have a little sadist programmed into our brains, which is why hurting people is a pleasurable experience. I'm not saying "let's go hurt people for fun." I'm saying the opposite: it's good that we don't hurt people for fun, even though we innately enjoy it. We spend far too much time avoiding pain and seeking pleasure that we often ignore should in the face of want. Is ranking things sadism? Of course not. But let's not pretend it's not glorified OCD that could be harmful to our appreciation of a object as people focus too much on the numbers and not enough on the rationale behind said numbers.

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@Verenti@pignugget: Your well thought out responses are much appreciated. There's not enough of that on forums. I do agree with your view on how the media handles ratings of games, but still stand by my initial statement. There is the negative side to ranking but you also have to consider the audience and nature of the discussion. The people who are watching this do actually enjoy the controversy of what happens to be chosen as the "best". This invites discussion, and yes, argument. But that's the nature of being human. We are competitive, and some of the best friendships are actually created by friendly competition. (This very discussion is an example of my point exactly) So yes, it's hardwired into our systems, but I believe there is a good reason for that. It's not necessarily a negative thing. I believe this is because we also want to celebrate overcoming obstacles, and without a challenge, there is never the possibility to conquer it. Of course, celebrating without a legitimate reason is a waste, so I am all for hearing the reasons for putting anything or anyone on a pedestal. One can only hope everyone takes their media with a grain of salt.

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@Verenti: Counter Strike has of course to be on that list. It's a mod that changed the whole gaming industry. It's an instant classic almost everybody knows. It's a phenomenon. It's probably the most important mod in the gaming history and therefore it's on the top spot here as well. ;)

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@LordCrash88@Verenti: Oh pray, tell. How did counterstrike change the industry? It's popular, sure. But what did it introduce? Tactical Shooters? No, Rainbow Six came out the year prior. Did it bring out modding in a big way? No, the modding scene for Doom, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D were all comparable to Half-Life's. Hell, Unreal Tournament, which came out the same year as Counterstrike was hugely built around modding. Counterstrike always struck me as a fairly bland arena experience. I think it's popularity is really built on its accessibility more than it's quality.

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@Verenti@LordCrash88: Guess being one of the handful of games contributing to the creation of Steam has nothing to do with it either. No emotional based opinion from you can counter that. GG, take a seat.

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@devilz@Verenti@LordCrash88: First of all, you don't read people well, if you think arguments stacked like lego is highly emotional.

Second of all, I'm not privvy to the meeting where they decided to make steam. But considering how you didn't need to buy halflife/CS/et al. at the launch of Steam if you had a key, it doesn't seem rational that they built a digital distribution platform because of CS. At that point, Counterstrike was a five year old game and HL2 hadn't come out. So no, I wouldn't conflate being one of the first games supported as being one of the reasons for its existence.

If you need a properly detached latin phrase to explain the error in your assumption is would be post hoc ergo propter hoc.

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Favourite mod? Kinda tough. DarthMod for Empire Total War, perhaps?
There's also Westeros mod for Crusader Kings: Deus Vult (haven't played the CK2 GoT mod, much). Third Age mod for Medieval 2 Total War. The Kaiserreich mod for Hears of Iron: Armageddon.
Others I've enjoyed are stuff that improved games like Fallout 3/New Vegas, Dragon Age Origins, Dawn of War, etc.

I think the modding community adds a lot to PC gaming and should be supported.

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It's pretty weird how many mods for Valve games made the list. They really made some great games and a great engine back in the days... :D

And Jess, you look absolutely stunning with this lip gloss. :)

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Dear Ester is another goodn

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@theteaface: It sure is!

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Crusader kings 2's "a game of thrones" mod is closest thing to a true game of thrones game and extremely underrated. Not to mention they still update it with new features every few months.

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WOD for Quake 2 was fun.......

it changed weapon properties to add a secondary fire, all guns had a secondary but the grenade and launcher had multiple grenade types like shrapnel, cluster bomb, plasma, plasma cluster, napalm, nuke which eventually nuke was taken out and thrown into another mod called LOX.....which was also pretty fun....

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