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Top 5 Call of Duty: Warzone Moments Of The Week

Here are 5 Call Of Duty moments brought to you by the Warzone community.

Call of Duty: Warzone is full of awesome, hilarious, and big-brain moments- sometimes all at once. This is our roundup of the top 5 Call of Duty: Warzone Moments of the week.

In our first clip, Reddit user KuzushiKavanagh makes a seemingly impossible save. After his friend FeedtheP0ny is downed on top of stadium, the only way he can pick his friend up is by letting him fall down. FeedtheP0ny plummets down to his friend in this hilarious mid-air revive.

In our second clip, Reddit user Releasethesnacken finds himself surrounded by an entire enemy squad...only they don’t even know it. He’s able to hide behind three other enemies on the back of a pickup truck and go entirely unnoticed. That is until he wipes them all out using his R9-0 shotgun.

Clip number 3 features Twitter user Fhoowd in quite the pickle. Surrounded by two riot-shielding enemies, Fhoowd attempts to take them head-on. Unfortunately, the two enemies aren’t letting up and are making their way closer for the kill. Low on ammo, Fhoowd thinks quickly and drops his ammunitions box, which when fired at can be used much like a claymore explosive. As the shielders move in for the kill, Fhoowd drops the box and fires on it, killing both enemies at once. This incredibly risky move proved worthwhile for Fhoowd as he takes a few seconds for a victory tea-bagging.

Clip 4 is a terrifying look at what a glitchy operator skin can look like. If you want to pick up the Earth Expeditionary Force pack you’ve been warned. To round off our list, clip 5 comes from a Playstation Network user by the name of Pete_392. Pete is separated from his team when he comes across two enemies within inches of his position. Luckily, with the help of his riot shield, he’s able to go unnoticed in a corner for nearly a minute. Shocking still is that he manages to stealthily take down both enemies as they still have no idea he’s even in the same building as he is.

Mid-air revive: Reddit u/KuzushiKavanagh

Shotgun Stowaway: Reddit u/releasethesnacken

Ammo Box Legend: Twitter @Fhoowd_

Charly Bundle Disaster: Reddit: u/TarMAC_BBQ

Stealth Soldier: PSN: Pete_392