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Has anyone noticed on the HUD all the text has different fonts. So not only is this game glitchy, it looks like it's wardrobe comes from the Goodwill. A checkered pants here, striped shirt there, 2 different colored socks, 2 different shoes.

Wonder what Tony thinks of this steaming pile of seizure.

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I hope this game gets fixed some time down the road, I miss the old THPS days

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And yet this game somehow managed to get a 3 out of 10. Too generous.

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I find it funny that our comments are automatically upvoted by the author.

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@famodaj: Tell me more!

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@RS13: Me too!

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another game following the usa rules IT DOESNT WORK LOLOLOLOL ps thx for ur money lol

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Isn't this why we play Tony Hawk games ?

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How the **** did this game happen?

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@7tizz: I've played a couple of the originals and they weren't glitchy in my experience. Also, we have no idea what is the frequency of the glitches.

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@7tizz: you're kinda mistaken. The game looks like it came to the xbox360 in its early days. No one realised it was bad.

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Ahahaha XD

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Pro Glitcher

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I like the conspiracy theory that Activision is purposely ruining the Tony Hawk name for anyone else who might want to pick him up for their skating game now that Activision no longer has the licence. : p

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Put this in the landfill with ET.

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that shirt is so lo-res. it hurts.

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Yes, the game is glitchy. But these guys REALLY suck at this game. Most of these "glitches" are because of them messing up on landngs, jumps, grinds, etc. This game is not as terrible as everyone says. It plays almost identical to THPS4, but boy are there some bad glitches. The space level in general is one glitchy pile of crap.

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@HOLYSHMUCK: Give me a sip of that Kool-Aid.

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If this game was the one that came out in the n64 and ps to start the series tony hawk games would of been dead right there and then.

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Cashing in before they lose the license.

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@Myron117: pretty much.

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Still better than Gone Home

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Shameful. It's like a runny, unsatisfying dump on the grave of it's predecessors.

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A money grab at it's finest LOL!

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I want my money back achooooooooooooooLAWSUIT

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Some games are better left in limbo. Forever. Why release this worthless piece of trash?