Tomb Raider - Top Ten Moments Trailer

Crystal Dynamic's staffers have reflected on Tomb Raider by calling out their favorite tomb, traversal sequence, and combat scenario.

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Radio Tower was #1 for me. It was one of those 'unforgettable moments in gaming' for me. I still get chills thinking about it.

I'm surprised the parachute fall just before getting to the shanty town was not included. That would be my #2.

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superb game, packed with intense action

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It was all pretty intense. Not sure it is worth a replay just yet. Though I'm sure at some point I will. Its certainly tied with FC3 for game of the year in my book,

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If I were Lara, I don't think I would have trusted Roth to catch my hand.

F--- you, Roth! Remember the Endurance?!"

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My favorite moment was jumping down that hill with a FREAKING HELICOPTER exploding into a million bits of shrapnel around me. Seriously, and Lara's scream right before then was awesome.

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great game