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Danny brings us back to the beginning of Delta Company with the original Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon.

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God I f*cking loved this game! I played it sooooo much that I still often hum the theme from the menu. Now it'll be in there for days. My roommate and I played the co-op missions over and over again. In every load-out combo you could come up with. And to this day, anytime something sneaky and military like is taking place we still hum that damn theme.

So many memories.

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love Ghost Recon, i make missions in ARMA to still get my ghost recon fix.

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Spent quite a lot of time with this game and its expansions.

Shame to see you go, Vindawg.

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Vinny coming in seems super random, but awesome nonetheless.

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Will there be highlight videos of this? I ask because i usually watch these on my lunch :) so a 15/20 min vid was my preferred choice. No worries if not, ill just watch in parts :)

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What is Vinny's full name again?

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@Gelugon_baat Caravella.

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Just noticed that I have this in my PS2 collection. Total forgot I had it!

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I never got much into Ghost Recon. I was a big fan of the old Rainbow Six games though.

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Does this stream on twitch as well?

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I love the original Xbox Ghost Recon games - too bad they ruined them on the last gen consoles.

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Eh, the original GRAW was decently good. But yeah, every game after that went downhill.

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Woooooo! Danny's in ghost mode!