Today On the Spot - Dragon Age: Origins, The Beatles: Rock Band DLC

Today On the Spot, we take an in-depth look at Dragon Age: Origins, show you a little Abbey Road on The Beatles: Rock Band, catch you up on the new releases, and much more!

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is this multi-player?

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so the guy who didn't play Mass Effect is joking right? who hasn't played that game?

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So .. is this like a cooler version of ultimate alliance? :/ looks great and will keep me busy till FF13 and 14 comes out.

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SPOILER ALERT: the dragon is morigan's mother, flemeth (she's a shapeshifter just like morigan but stronger) you gotta kill her to take the book that morigan wants.

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... I have never wanted to hit someone ... as much as I wanted to hit that guy. Typical gamer zombie who doesn't know a good game if it comes up and bites them in the ass. But Dragon Age looks awesome, controls look solid (though not a lot hotkeys it seems, but that's to be expected with console controls.), and I want it more and more every day.

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That was a great Item. Very amusing to see a producer of Dragon Age trying to promote the game.

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may 12, 2004 is correct

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Hmm... well at least now I know where to put the 60 dollars that I will no longer be putting torwards Modern Warfare 2.

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Dragon Age FTW!

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The answer to the question is May 12, 2004.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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trivia answer July 14 2008

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What gamer hasnt heard of mass effect..Man lol this guy was clueless..Dragon age 2 weeks heck ya..Borderlands last night, an than dragon age..Two good rpgs..He also never heard of bioware lol cracked me up..

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The blood and gore! GOREGASM!