This Week on Xbox Live - Shanghai Gun Battles and Jet Boat Racing Video Feature

We take a look at the latest Xbox Live content after Comic-Con.

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nothin to really brag about nfl is deeper lol :)

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meh, fun game but the difficulty makes you want to delete it..

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the game of very very hard.

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nfl is simpler AND deeper :s lol i guess its possible

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Pre ordered today..worth the wait

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Forge world omg! poop my pants, so awesome!

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nothing is free well mybe death but cheap death is not that good ;) but well if thay chrage money for extra stuff for nothing worth it i bet 20% of the fans wont want this game for online so much

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I gotta see the red dead redemption short movie.

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I Don't Care That It's Free Or Not !!!! I Will Get It Cause I Love It !!! :D Halo Reach The Best Sci-Fi First Person Shooter Ever !! :X

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@amagama14 - Quit your crying, do you think its free to make these expansions? Gimme gimme gimme, thats all I hear from people like you.

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@tbailey184 it isn't, and that completely sux

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Firepower pack huh? I didn't notice if it was free or not, but if not that's lame.