This Week on Xbox Live - Arcade X-Men, Quake, and Downloadable Shooters

This week, we check out X-Men The Arcade Game, Quake Arena Arcade, Terminator Salvation, Bad Company 2, and others.

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I guess being a child of the 70s / 80s may still have a perk still ;) Dont make me boot up my sinclair spectrum now!!! .. get all Wonderboy in Monster land on y'all! :)

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@TheGreyArea ya thats my bad dude i thought you ment quakelive and that you were of those dumb little 9 yr olds who thinks that it's an original concept and dosn't realise it's based on a game from 1999. Sry my mistake i misinterpreted your comment. Good point though about the pvp thing.

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@Thatguythatuno I know bro, but I was remarking at the context of it being an arcade release... you know how XBL gets with the majority of it's "arcade" old-school content being pvp etc. Dont worry man, I'm probably one of the oldest farts on this website, so I am very well versed in those old archetypes ;)

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@TheGreyArea quake 3 had single player before it was turned into quake arena dude. It's nothing new :P

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I remember when Quake first came out on PC......very cool sheeeeit indeed. Then Unreal stole their mojo....then something even stranger happened. Reality set in, and the whole thing just got boorish. I see this crap now and all I can think is "How the hell did I ever like this garbage?!" Word(s) of the day people......BURN OUT!

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@FonikhSoupia true the staff at the bowling alley knew who i was by heart even gave me free food & bowling discounts 4 adding money to there pay checks

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Welcome to DIE

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We're back in the 90's with X-MEN arcade!!! Simply put, awesome! I can't remember how much money I've spent in the coin-op version!!

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Quake Arena! WITH SINGLE PLAYER! sweet

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dues ex man, come on :P

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Only thing I'd even THINK about buying out of this vid is BBC2. And I already have that on disc.