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You guys can thumb me down all day, I'm still right. It has nothing to do with Nintendo or Square owning the rights. The simple fact is they literally take images of the roms from the original cartridges and inject them into a Wii channel that runs an emulator. This is a common practice amongst people who have modded their Wii. That way they can play any classic game, not just the ones that have been released on the shop.

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@squall_83 yup, what you said makes sense. Now that I think about it they probably did it because the person responsable for these decisions isn't very good at it OR because of some laws. @happy_dude64 - wrong, Nintendo owns the rights to the games it released, I'm not sure about all of those laws, but they may not be able to release it as FFVI in the states if they previously released them as III, Square Enix doesn't really need to be involved for an emulated game to come out you know... And FFVIII is a great game.

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that's what i'm saying, Tunder... give it to me on my 3ds!

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Why isn't FFVI available in the DSi/3DS shop? :(

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ok please stop these Xperia play commercials theyre weird @.@

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The best final fantasy hands down!

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@swuall_83...yes because nintendo made final fantasy...think before you post. hell u even have another ff game as ur user name....the worst as well. squall...lmao. just to educate you. Square Enix...back then soft made and continues to make ff games.

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@sagameister3 Same here, I always liked Dream Land 2 much more though!

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@mled They have to call it Final Fantasy III because the virtual console games are emulators with the actual rom from the system inside. Nintendo would actually have to edit the rom file to make it say VI. I guess that's just too much work for them. They're more interested in the absolute least amount of effort, ie: taking 10 seconds to dump an existing rom into their emulator package.

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I actually remember owning kirby's dream land lol :)

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Call the games by their name, it's Final Fantasy VI, yes, I know the story behind that III, but seriously, nowdays? No use in confusing the new generation of gamers...

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Oh, now I can do the Opera scene on the Wii.

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Yay Kirby and FFIII, now if only I had a few dollars to spare :(

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yea it would be nice if they announced what games were coming out before everyone else bought them.

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This week on the Wii Shop and eShop? Uhh, you mean LAST week? Little late here GS...