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LOL why does he repeat himself when talking about DW Strikeforce!? Seriously whats up with GS constantly hiring voice-casters who are either half drunk or just lazily reading from a bad autocue. WAKE UP! :)

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Did... did he just f*cking say "go-geta"? With a g sound, and not a j sound?

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yeah hackalakala (funny name) is right. The marines are good stuff if you know how to play as em. all of the races are pretty well balanced in that every race has a chance to kill the other; it comes down to how well you can play your character. The predator prolly has the easiest to use range weapons tho... one hit disc and auto locking shoulder cannon

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no tha marines are the strongest as you know how to play it :p the predators and aliens are only overpowerd because de auto grab :p

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If you played the old ones the Predator was always overpowered. But it is suppose to be like that.

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I got AVP already for ps3 (and yes i bought the game in store), the online mp works fine but the predator is very overpowered.

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joker 41 .. cool il check that out @ raveous77 ...........soz for my impoliteness. but............... stfu and leave. theres many people who love this game on the console.

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dont know if u guys heard but there will be a new AVP demo, that fixes few things and you can set up the match as well. not sure if its on the store but it was suppose to be on today or sometime this week or end of this week

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@Raveous77 I think you should not tell people not to buy a game because of how you think it is "meant to be played." Some people have evolved their gaming ability to be quite capable with a joystick regardless of the platform. To each their own... As for the game, I am still very disappointed this demo isn't working for the PS3.

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HAte BC2 demo loved the first one but they got rid of too much such as the lock on rocket emplacements, or the injector. Why'd they cut the alarm explosion time from 90secs to 30secs pure BS for defenders. Its a rent, just frustration and still no way to communicate to other squads.

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I didn't really liked the demo, thinking about canceling my HUNTER EDITION.

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Ok whoever is considering getting THIS game on PS3 or Xbox360 just dont bother. Its a PC platform game. Getting this game for consoles would be a waste of money. This game totaly owns on PC. Takes about 30 seconds to find a room and another minute or so to start a game. All 3 species are brutal, Aliens and Predator all have huge number of fatalities. Ripping out spines and twisting heads off, impailing with wrist blades and tail. Its very bloody and violent and exteremy fast paced. You blink - you die. People again, dont bother getting this particular game for consoles its a waste. Only get it for consoles if you cannot afford gamer PC platform. This game HAS to be played with Keyboard and Mouse, not Joystick.

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Yeah I couldn't find anyone at first either. Finally I just let it sit. It takes about 10 minutes to find a game every time. Pretty bad. After all that, the multiplayer is nothing to write home about. I only got to play as the xenomorph, and it seemed kind of lacking, there wasn't anything that made it cool to be a xenomorph. If they're going to release a multiplayer-only demo, at least spend some time to make the multiplayer fun!

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I wasn't able to find anyone..I just deleted it..

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isnt the demo styll bugged though? Cant find anyone online.

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Looks like I'm gonna have to get the Avp Demo now

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^^ gotta love this amazing commercials

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AvP is so cool. hahaha!

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AvP sucks.

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Super "go get a" looool!!

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It's funny how they never show actual footage of gameplay for AVP, it's always movies, the game actually looks and plays like a game from 2001. Rebellion sucks.

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BF Company 2 has no option for main fire on R2, so I'm not going to buy it, not everyone has miniature fingers and hands. As for AVP 3, it's mediocre at best on the PC, will probably be the same on PS3.

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"or team up with friends online to infiltrate heavily armed stronghold, or team up with friends online to infiltrate heavily armed enemy stronghold. " He says it twice..

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ive had the bad company 2 for 2 months now its called BETA and its not new to me!!!

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sounds like he said "go get a" uh go get a what lol

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I'm sure that knowledge will help you in life. Perhaps when you are being r***ed in the bathroom by the bullies in your school. You can defend yourself with your DBZ knowledge.

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lol its gogeta not gogether you douche lol like someone

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Battlefront: Bad Company 2 looks great!