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This week, we take a look at Thongs of Virtue, demos for the Move, and rock the house with DJ Hero 2 and songs from Bob Marley.

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I'm already tired of SKATE 3. Waiting for the new SKATE to come out whenever it will come out. Hopefully EA will redesign all movement, physics and dynamics to make it more real and adequate.

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Am I the only one who wonders where the cool looking "game" that Sony showed us at E3 a while back, where you can draw, mess with pics, or whatever? It's what got me started into the move :p

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why is nba slated to q2 2011 if it's already out, at least in europe.

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nba elite sucks so much balls

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Sonic adventure and blade kitten look pretty good :)

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damn cant wait to get this!

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@gamingfrendly i finished the game 2 and if you buy that pack you will still be able to play as john but for the zombie pack how will that work because its supposed to be another story for john but if your playing with jack how will that work?

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@DrPepper2o9 i know i saw it 2 and whats the point of releasing that dead rising 2 stuff if you cant even use it

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No flucking $#!T!

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On the basketball game WHO SAW That 360 controller!!!! y no ps3 controller ?? isnt this this week on "PSN"? jus wanted to point that out.. -_-

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wait how will this work if you already beat the story, wonder if it will be much different using the "other john marston"

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david haslehov XD

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Yeah Enslaved demo :D BrB going to start downloading right now !!

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Oh... DAMN. That was awesome. The story is going to feature the characters from the main game? That is so cool.

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Left For Red Dead

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This is better then Nazi zombies :D

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Anyone else prefer it when the guy was ridiculously enthusiastic about all this?

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alot of content

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Wow, alot of updates and add ons this week. The community should be happier this week lol :)

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Mass Effect 2?! ON PS3?!?!?! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This TWO: PSN came up as an update related to Mass Effect 2 on my tracked games. Got me too excited, I thought there would be a little taste of Mass Effect 2 but the teaser for PS3 is already epic. Gonna download it again!