This Week in New Releases: Oct 9 - Oct 15

We've got cars, guns, blood, and monsters with Forza Motorsport 4 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record leading the way this week in new releases.

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8.3 by xbox 360 gamers for such a good game. Reveal how many stupid kids hang out on xbox live...

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the cookie monster still has me in stitches hahahahaha!!!

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Aye dissing heroes six for the shame of it all gamespot..This is how the pc genre is viewed on this web page, and its a shame..Lookin forward to playing heroes also.. Hopefully they dont forget about stronghold 3..Thats another fun game do out this month.. Forza 4 looks sweet that world map cant wait to delve into it..

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Lol, great video.

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Wow...all I care about is Rune Factory and it's not even mentioned. :(

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Forza - can't wait :D:D

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@hathiyak: I agree, the release date for Heroes 6 is set on 13 October. Where is it????

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Where is Heroes 6 ???

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If skyrim\battlefield3\sr3\batman:aa wasn't coming out so soon I'd probably get the new dead rising...I'm not rich though lol.