This Week in New Releases - Nov 7 - 13

This week we take a look at Call of Duty: Black Ops, Wii Remote Plus, and The Sly Collection.

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lol im going to get black ops on THE DS jk

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soulfulDAGGER i totally agree with you!!!! Hope it's a BLAST!!!

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Just got my copy after waiting for over an hour for the midnight release. Tons of people there. Got it for PC. You will NEED Steam to activate/install. It's a 6gig+ install. This game will break all opening sales records for any movie or game. Hope it's good. "Epic single-player,acclaimed multiplayer, and 4-player co-op zombies". Hell yeah! Who's with me?

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I really don't get why anyone would camp out for this seeing as quantities are not very limited, and btw who doesn't pre-order games these days?

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nazi zombies return (yes but kind offensive to all those including some of my family who died in world war 2)

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whats with that music for cod black ops distracted me LOL

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There were 2 people camped out in front of my local gamestop this afternoon. I'm sorry people but that is just sad, seriously.

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I havent been excited about getting a game since killzone 2 but this one looks to be promising and yea definitely buying killzone 3 too

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expansion-pack type of content, bundled for $59.99... F*%# you Kotick! this franchise is dead to me.

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Very nice game, like the other ones!!! The franchise change didn´t put the game quality down, here in Brazil we´re already playng... HAHAHA... Very nice!!!

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Give me an all Vietnam COD with the stones playing while i shoot some zipperheads with my fifty from a helicopter. Get sum !

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@chrisvenn I found it to be the opposite to be honest besides cod two and four. I prefered WaW to MW2 for reasons that would take up the whole web page.

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I seriously havn't been this excited about picking up a video game in a long time.. I actually couldn't even sleep last night i was so hyped up haha.. I'am a grown man; that type of thing shouldn't happen to me! But yeah.. I've paid off my preorder.. I just finished my man cave, equipped with a new 50" LCD HDTV, suround sound, and ofcourse my lazyboy chair i picked up this weekend.. Not only that i requested Tuesday and Weds off like 3 weeks ago just for this.. So yeah.. Midnight release.. Ill be there.. Then its back to my house, kickin up my feet, smoke a nice blunt, and get down on some COD baby! I actually requested a early day at work today too so that when i get off around 4 i can go to bed till around 11 and be rested enough to play COD all thru the night and morning.. Man i sound like i have no life..... That's how excited i am for this game!

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CoD - BO will be best game of the year.....maybe !

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Hmm another Call of Duty not made by InfintyWard which in the past has ment its not great, let hope this one is different.

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Everyone getting over hyped by BlackOps.. Treyarch stole the game from InfintyWard, But whatever... People see COD on the cover and just think it will be the best. Just saying the truth. Still looks pretty good.

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do u get cp 4 combat training

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Golden Eye and Black Ops... damn... they both look fantastic.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Black ops is looking better everyday it seems. Can't wait to crack some zombie skulls.

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looks absolutely amazing

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@BallisstiXXX goldeneye on wii is a disapointement, its fun at first but the original is still more fun.

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Thumbs up if your a tad disapointed you wont be blowing off the legs of your friends online with the explosove rc car in CODBO. Next COD game more gore please, or at least some realistc looking entry wounds.

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I don't know how I am going split my time between the game and the remote that I'm getting with it

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@viin2. no it dosent well the killstreaks feel more as if u are in the choppers themseleves so kinda i guess

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Hey guys I'm thinking about getting this game but does it have vehicles like tanks and stuff on the online multiplayer?

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Zombies in Black Ops? Hell yes. :D

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I just want to sleep through the next 3 days so it gets here sooner! I didnt know I could want it any more than I already did, but this preview made it look perfect

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ther was a time that fps game are so look like each other than cod1 appear every thing change from that time COD always has some thing new COD is the sign of creativity and looking for gamers i like to say that this game told us that ther are new thing to happen just wait and see i cant wait to see COD:Modern Warfare 3 maby this time better than ever

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def looking forward to zombies with semi modern weapons

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And compering new MoH to this,new CoD- Moh totatly failed...There was a time when I loved MoH series as much as CoD and even more,before CoD apeared,but it looks like CoD has got far ahead in FPS concept that MoH started.MoH stucked on WW2 too long.

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Don't expect it to be something inovative and grounbreaking - CoD team (Treyarch this time) just have the talent to put good, "old" elements together the way, many people love FPS to be :)

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I'm going to get it but I def. want Bad Company Vietnam more :P

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this looks great enough to keep me hooked for a very long time(like 2 weeks) seriously i missed FPS it's been a while and black ops is what i was waiting for

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cant wait for cod:bo esp the zombie mode!!

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Black ops and Sly is comin home with me.....this is gonna be a FUN week ahah :P

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go sly man!

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Black ops and sly for me!