This Week in New Releases - March 27-April 2

This week, we list a host of 3DS launch titles, as well as check out Shift 2 Unleashed, NASCAR, WWE All-Stars, and 3rd Birthday.

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i really wish if this game was on PS3 :( it seems awesome

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Q: Shift 2 or GRID ? Ans: Obviously GRID.What kind of question is that?

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game spot gave 3rd birth day a score of 6.0 is it really that bad well i haven't played the game i think i should buy it to see if 3rd birth day deserve the score of 6.0 has game spot gave it,compare to the original and its sequel on the PlayStation.

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NFS shift 2: unleashed sucks with some improvments from the last but the game still sucks. I'm just glad it is a buy back garantee so I'll get something else.

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Dynasty warriors 7 and NFS Shiift 2!!!!!!!!!!!

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dw7 looks suck cant wait

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I want Dynasty Warrior 7 and 3rd Birthday....

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sucks that 3rd birthday doesnt follow parasite eve2............ please make parasite eve3 on a console!.

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already got my 3d tv and ps3 so no thnx

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3DS and Pilot Wings Resort!

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ntg 11 BABY

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Woot Dynasty Warriors 7! =D

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all stars cant wait