This Week in New Releases - Battlefield 3 Is a Go, Shake Your Booty, and Go to Dreamland

This week check out Battlefield 3, Dance Central 2, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Back to the Future: The Game, Daytona USA, Infamous 2: Festival of Blood, Disney Universe, and The War of the Worlds.

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Great week :D

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Ouch, what a crap they made :( bugged fps like thousands of others , looks sux also :( and not support xp, FAIL!

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Above and Beyond the CALL!!!

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@Gelugon_baat well like i said, i think they'll try to make one every year and sell it to non bf fans too, but imo they' ll fail, if bf doenst turn completely into cod, it wont suceed as a main-stream game

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so now we are havig still having old fashion that are of 19's except for new game like bf3,batmanarkham city, infamous2 and dance central2

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Superman1938 nope i m all out for bf3 Activision wont get my money this year..same old garbage piece of crap graphics,gameplay,no changes,the exact same thing as CoD4 with just diff maps. Hail the new king BF3 Above And Beyond The call Baby

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the annoying theme music is what Daytona is all about :D

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wait so you got skydiving in BF3, wooooo woooooo wooooooo woooooo, about all is said

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Why are so many videos on the 360 page? Just wondering...

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Only getting inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood from this line-up.

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COD in Nov and BF3 now.. nice to keep us all busy..

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Omg Kirby AND Battlefield 3!!! This may be the best week ever!

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i like that assassins creed revelations vid even though im not gettin it :'

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I want to cry because i don't have any money for BF3 :( Anyway guys enjoy BF3,another master peace from DICE:)

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mw3+bf3+more fun for me :)

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Enough with the BF3 or MW3. We all know we are going to play both of them and they are going to be epic.

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Sorry mw3 but but i am in love with bf3

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I have an Acer Aspire Ethos 8943g and I`m gonna play nicely.

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Four great games to look forward to as a PC gamer in the near future: (personally never managed to get into the weird skill system of Morrowind or the chaotic world of Oblivion but, gotta face it, this one will be an epic)

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@Gelugon_baat noop! im not dispising COD cause i have enough respect for this series as an old gamer! but activion lost it way in COD! and if it wasnt for MW{first one} they were going out of horn till now more than 1000 times! but MW saved the series and like always treyerch copied their game! and its not recycle ... its so silly to say that{with all respect!} cause its like ur saying sport games are all the same! yeah cause its football and u cant ride a bike on the pitch! and war games are no different! u cant kill enemys with potato! u have to have m4 or ... , and its not recycling! as a gamer i love EA games{except it racing games} and i can feel u hate this company with no great reason! this year they had best show in E3 with all those great games! BF3 is no different and i can see the proof of my speech in their game! nice control! nice graphices! nice animations{by EA sport engine}! nice voice acting and sound! and yeah saying COD is better cause it will sells more is like saying toyota is better cause its selling more than dodge Bugati!!

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@Bane_09 I am actually hoping that I would turn out wrong. But Electronic Arts? A corporation known to turn change design traditions, e.g. reduce their complexity, in well-known franchises just so it can attract more customers? Electronic Arts is just too greedy to be unpredictable.

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@yeah_28 I would agree with what you are saying - if EA is making this game only for the Battlefield fans. It isn't. EA is not just targeting Battlefield fans with this game. Long-time Battlefield fans alone won't be giving EA the revenue it wants.

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There is going to be an update for Nvidia drivers on Monday. I have a single 580 and I was getting an average of 50fps on highest settings for the beta.

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Thumbs up for BF3!!!!

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are the frame rates gonna be fixed at the release or are we gonna suffer low frames even with 580 sli

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@Gelugon_baat You are probably right unfortunately

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The Giant BF3 hits this 25 and will ruin all other titles

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@Gelugon_baat i dont know about Halo, but i doubt the bf franchise will turn into what cod is, mainly because of the fan base, bf is much less popular than cod so its less money assured cause of fanboysm, and bf has its current fan base used to every new game bringing significant improvements so i think if bf releases just one very similar game to the previous one it will show on sales a lot. Also cod's mp gameplay is fun but so straightforward that people wait for the new game to give the same fun but with a fresh feel, bf has so many layers of gameplay with the vehicles, destruction, amount of players and huge maps that every match feels very different, so the game lasts more i do think they might try to turn bf into a yearly game, but i think it will fail and bf fans will keep playing the old bf game instead.

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My PC is primed and ready to wreck BF3

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BF3 looks awesome, and Toby Turner ad!

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this game bad idont love it ilove frof my heart mw3

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I love hearin you stupid people Blab against BF3 and MW3, saying that one's better than the other. Each have their own ups and downs. Battlefield is more Tactical, squad based stuff. Call of Duty on the other hand is just Run and Gun. COD is the easiest to get the hang of for that simple fact, making it the most popular out of the games. I myself love BF, but I'm still getting MW3 when I don't want to sneak around and try to get a capture point. Either way, see you online guys! My name is my PSN account too!

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@ar6ra6sh9 You said all that because you happen to despise Call of Duty and Activision but like the others instead. To me, all of the franchises that you mentioned had been recycling game designs for a long, long time already.

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Well I was really looking forward to playing this game tuesday but i had the joy of walking into my house friday with all my tv's (3 flat screens one was a 55 inch 3d), brand new bf3 bought pc that just arrived 2 days ago ($2k), my stamp and coin collection ($4k), GONE! and they even took my pot ($80). I love life.....

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I paused at 0.47 and turned off, which is where this video should of ended..

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I like the fact that EA is at least showing us it's hand with Battlefield 3, I will buy battlefield on the fact that everything they told us, I like. Maybe if activision released more on MW3, i'd be more enticed to pre-order. I know people who will buy MW3 and i'll see first hand then.

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@Gelugon_baat cod series turned lower and lower every years except the part their saying black ops was the best in the series{i didnt like that illusion so much with that russian guy!} but halo and BF turning better and better each game! halo was great but when reach came out it showed every one that they can be even better! bad company was good and bad company 2 was amazing and by BF3 they showed they can be even much more better! so there's no prove for what ur saying! releasing more games buy a franchise doesnt mean they cant handle it right! just look at final fantasy series! more that 20 version released buy now but most of them was good/great! ... activision have problems even inside their theritory! treyerch from one way and infinity ward from other way! and activision have a new big enemy now! ... EA ... so they're starting to losing the game now!

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BF3 a must buy for me!

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i've just watched bf3 part..........

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did he say Windows VISTA?????? hahahah ROFL

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i f****ing hate reality shows

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Battlefield 3 for me and Kirby Return to Dreamland as well what about Champion Jockey think that is coming out this week too?

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@Bane_09 Call of Duty games may seem recycled, but just you watch though: the Halo and Battlefield franchises are going to turn out the same way.

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Battlefield 3, can't wait for this baby to released in Malaysia! I want to shoot guys from all over the world XD, this game is gonna rock souls and shoot the hell out of each other!

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@yeah_28 It is very sad, I have been playing CoD games ever since I got one on my gamecube. I admit that I have fun playing CoD but anyone who thinks they don't need to change is insane. It's the same year after year. CoD isn't even in the same league as Battlefield or Halo in terms of game quality anymore.

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@Bane_09 unfortunately they do like to buy a very similar/ almost-the-same game every year, thats why cod is what it is today, an old game that remains old because people hand in their money like its worth pay for the fun you pretty much have already, and of course cause the developers and publisher only want money as well.

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ONLY ORISON WELLS CAN TELL THE STORY "WAR OF TE WORLDS"! Wait did he say Patrick Stewart? That's cool. I'm still not playing it though. A war of the worlds game sounds stupid.

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Kirby looks awesome, I need to buy another Wii

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