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@theslovakian38 i don't know why they are not releasin this title, i am damn sure it would have been a big hit

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@Amauris96 and @evil_devil_mons ... i know what you mean. i very want this game. it looks so good!!! they should at least put it out for buy and not cancel it. and because it is no gta game does not mean it vill be bad... it could be good. sorry about english

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I really want this game to come out. ]:

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realy lookin for this one......!!!! waitin for it....!!!

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This is Amazing I sure as hell dont want it to be cancelled :S

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Meh it may be cancelled which sucks but honestly if there was a gta style game in vegas count me in anywys instead of dumping this maybe they could release a free version of what they got so far atleast or for just 10$

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this is Vegas and 2 days to Vegas both THE GAMES TBA I THINK THE SECRET IN VEGAS NAME

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Better off with GTA. That's basically what this game is looking to recreate only not as well done.

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The idea behind it is pretty sweet. But, I would be more interested if it were a GTA based in Vegas. Rockstar makes better games than Midway. Rockstar makes really good/great games. Midway doesn't. And the fact that it was first mentioned a few years ago and the release date is still "TBA" is an excellent indication that this game isn't happening.

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still it looks fun

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Rockstar should buy this series and make it themselves....This game is never coming out under Midway.

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Probably canceled

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ye I know are they every gonna release this game or what

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Is this game still happening or what? Its release date has been "To Be Announced" for several years now and I heard Midway had filed for bankruptcy :(

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what is this a wannabe gta vice city lol, midway always make horrible games definitely not buying and yes it really does look like a ps2 game from looks of the graphics haha

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this game is suckssss

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pavlaka93 Posted Dec 2, 2009 9:23 pm GMT um...can u have sex in this game or not??? I really dont get the point of having sex on a game, are u very needed or wath? And im not liking the game.

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Looks kinda suckish. if they improve the graphics it will may work.

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that was wonderful im over joyed... almost cant contain myself... next!!!

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um...can u have sex in this game or not???

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looks like a ps2 game to me

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I've been waiting for this game since I heard about it months and months ago. Can't wait.

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damn this game is to be announced!?! Again? Man...I keep waiting for this game to come out..hopefully it will.

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Not impressed. Aren't these trailers supposed to make you want to play the game? Kind of reminded me of GTA San Andreas.

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If this is it then on with another show.

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Best thing I've ever seen lol, they could of at least shown something.

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What kind of trailer was that

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Won't compare to GTA.

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Its like i am looking at GTA San Andreas, the graphic sucks

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stupid trailer.....

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It looks Amazingg and I totallyy disagree with DFen.

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not impressed, most of the games coming from midway half the time tends to be horrible

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it looks cool

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Love the "BeVivid" comercial :D

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is this still coming

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They should totally make it like the movie The Hangover haha :P

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it looks ok : /

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hmmmm...am not interested doeasnt look so nice

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looks crap accually

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looks kik ass

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this game reminds me of 7 sins for PS2 only better

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xz310 you should read more on this game.. its gona b alot more about controlling the neighbourhood.. i hope they havent taken a differnt direction as this sounds like a great idea. on the vids tho it shows alot of differnt aspects of gameplay etc..

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games have come along way in the last couple of years :( i hope this game does ok cos i was very impreseed wen they first showed it (was the time around tom clany vegas 2 tho)

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cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait... i cant wait.. this looked special wen they where showing it last year.. im sure itl pawn... prob a bit of a gta clone tho.. except with a lot more control..

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What? Doens't look like anything specail....yet. It looks a bit like Saints Row 2 plus GTA Vice City but with more flashy lights. :p

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I'm interested in seeing what kind of game this is. I will be trying it out, I just want to know what kind of gameplay it will have.

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The Glitz and Glamour of Las Vegas looks like it will be a big part of this game but out of all of the movies iv'e seen it looks like a pretty thin storyline

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Doesnt look very appealing at all..

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