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This Final Fantasy 7 Game Is Coming To Xbox | GameSpot News

Final Fantasy Rebirth, Crisis Core and Ever Crisis are announced.

The sequel to Final Fantasy Remake is revealed and even gets a release window.

Yesterday Square Enix held a livestream for the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VII. During the stream Square announced the return of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which will be ported/remastered and launch on all consoles and PC this winter.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is an action-RPG and prequel to the original FFVII release. The game follows Zack Fair--best friend of FFVII protagonist Cloud Strife--during his time as a mercenary for the Shinra Electric Power Company.

This remaster marks the first time in 14 years Crisis Core will be playable on modern platforms, as there have been no other ports of the game since its original launch for the Sony PSP in March 2008.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Remastered will launch this winter on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

So if the FF7 prequel is coming to Xbox, that must mean Remake is coming to Xbox as well right? Well, not exactly. Unfortunately there was still no mention of the game making an appearance on Microsoft consoles. Instead, Square announced that PC players would now be able to buy Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade via Steam starting on June 17. And for those lucky enough to have a Steam Deck, you’ll be happy to know that that Intergrade is verified.

This doesn't mark the first time FFVII Remake Intergrade departs from being a PlayStation exclusive. FFVII Remake Intergrade was a PlayStation exclusive for around six months after launch, but did arrive in the Epic Games storefront in December 2021.

But if you’re like me and you’ve already beaten Remake, then you might be more interested in part 2 rather than a new store to buy part 1 from.

Luckily the sequel did make an appearance and it's called Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth instead of Remake part 2. Square also noted that this is the second entry in a trilogy, marking our first official understanding of how many parts this new FF7 series will be.

The trailer explored the cliffhanger left by the first game, with various characters exploring what it means now that fate has seemingly been changed. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is coming next winter on PlayStation 5, and I’m starting to feel so invested that I might actually start to play the original before it drops.

But if I don’t end up playing it soon, it might be because Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Snap will be added to Switch Online and Expansion Pack on June 24. Originally released on N64 in 1999, Pokemon Snap was a departure from the usual RPGs in the series as players were tasked with capturing Pokemon on film, not in PokeBalls.

Last year, New Pokemon Snap debuted and fleshed out the safari experience with a more vivid and captivating selection of Pokemon on Switch. So now you can easily switch back and forth between the two versions in a snap.