Things You Missed in the new Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer shown at the 2015 PSX.

Final Fantasy fans around the world rejoiced when Sony debuted a new FFVII Remake trailer at the PlayStation Experience in San Francisco last week. So Colin & Tim decided to break it down, and go deep in this highly anticipated remake.

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My only complaints really are with how materia will be handled in the game, since enemies moving will mess it up some, unless the spell is locked onto the enemy and not the spot. I also don't like the fact of them going away from you entering the commands for all the characters, and them having the others now being A.I. I actually hate A.I. party members, they never how they are supposed to in games. I like the way the game looks, but to me it looks like a type of game designed for 1 character fighting, not a party though.

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Lol at people because....

THIS IS REMAKE!!! (read this in Leonidas way).

Not remaster, but remake, therefor there shall be changes and why is everyone b*tching about them since people were first ones to ask for remake for years themselves. If you wanted FF7 same as you remembered(and lets be honest most of you are kids that never played original in first place) then you should have asked for remaster.

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I think the most hilarious thing about people crapping on the remake before it's even launched is that everyone is crying about it being episodic. The people crying make it seem like it's going to be released like resident evil revelations 2. Episodic doesn't mean it's going to be a small portion of the game at a time...... the entirety of ff7 is actually really enormous there is 7,Advent children, dirge of cerberus, crisis core ect. Think of how the starwars universe is there are going to be 9 installments each with an enormous amount of story per episode. Kingdom Hearts is in episodes, mass effect is a 3 episode story halo is on its 5th episode not including numerical order. Metal gear solid is in episodes. I don't even need to name more. SE is a foreign company so they very well could be using the word Episodic alot differently than we would interpret it in america until you know for sure don't bash it and be happy you get to see one of the greatest games ever remade.

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Episodic? Yeah I'll pirate this. Or get the game of the year version. Have fun paying 200 dollars in DLCs, kids.

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@S0LIDUS311: Most episodic games cost 14.99 -- 24.99 total (for all episodes).

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@Solidus311 Here is 1 thing to think about if you have played say Mass Effect, or a game series similar. No one complained about it but with them being launched as 1,2 ,and 3, it could be considered sort of episodic too. Those were games that could have been put into 1 game story wise, but were released as 3 games. Final Fantasy was a bigger game than any game before and since, and to remake it all to today's standards is a huge process. I find it funny you talking about pirating this game, people who pirate games/movies are despicable and lower than scum, it is nothing to be proud of at all.

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Pessimistic about the combat, the episodic releases and what happens after Midgar. I'm concerned the intro will be fantastic and the rest of the game will suffer.

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Okay.. Barrett.. Using sunglasses in the dark... Just not cool.

Blues Brothers did it better.

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Sorry but AI characters doesn't do it for me. In every Final Fantasy from I to X you've been able to control multiple characters. It's one of the foundations of the series. This action focused crap has effectively ruined Final Fantasy.

As always when you have AI controlled partners one of two things will happen. They will either be so good that you don't have to do anything yourself or they will be completely useless.

When this is out I guess it's time to start petitioning Square for a REAL FFVII remake. Not that that is ever going to happen. I've given up hope of ever having a good FF game again.

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@Acheron18: The three things I've hated the most are

- The level system being replaced in X with points, and the time it takes hold A to increase the stupid bar in XIII

- Map exploration being completely removed at the expense of fancy looking corridors.

- Too story focused, takes away from exploring and talking to random NPC's to figure out what to do next.

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Maybe square Enix has been developing remake a lot longer then we suspect?

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Well is normal they will launch the game in episodes! I guess that long time ago and i was expecting that because of a simple thing and you dont need to be genius to understand why they need to do that. Final Fantasy 7 is a JRPG as such the game is to Big to recreate in one disc! Even with technology available these days. Games like final fantasy 7 have to much content and even in the old era where the game came out was 3 Discs! And for they recreate a game similar to that with same quality with today technology will take a long time for dont say will take a lot of space. So they decide do that. Who play RPGs for a long time knows that and understand why they need to do this! And my guess they will add advance children story to the game and also playable of course. Even after you finish the main story from the original game you probably will play the advance children part like is a expansion from the game. I am not worry about the combat system at all! I like the old one so much like the next guy but i also understand is to "old" for use in a new game like this even been a remake! What i like is the fact they a create a unique combat system for this game! Have all the old elements with more cool stuff and more active is like a mix from the gameplay from crisis core and kingdom hearths and that is really good news because both games are really good. This is the best game ever made and deserve to be good. This game is biggest jewel in the game industry i hope they dont mess up. Until now i like everything i saw. But still to early to speak take conclusions about it. But the thing i like most, is the fact they literally voice acting from the game text from the original game lol! I love it! Some people say the voice acting is awful of course it is, doest meant to be good but to be like the original. Many people dont notice that but they literally read the game text to voice act lol, is so funny.

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@WillyWynn: Uhh, what?

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@WillyWynn: Yes. They needed to make it episodes because it was too big. Because there weren't regularly games that were far larger than FFVII since VII.

Because FFVII is the largest game ever. No game since was bigger.

Except, you know, a ton.

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@Ohaidere: lol. I definitely agree with you on that point. At the same time I get the point he's trying to make. So I'm going to put your points together into a few sentences that makes sense. "Although Final Fantasy 7 wasn't the biggest game ever (fallout 4 and witcher 3 for example), old techniques such as pre rendered hand drawn backgrounds allowed for a game, back then, to achieve beautiful graphics while not using up too much space in the process. For a remake to happen, and to make a game that already looks to be better graphically than most massive games, those old techniques like pre rendered hand drawn backgrounds will have to be replaced with new tech to align with today's standards and without removing most content of the original (pre rendered backgrounds will have to be replaced and expanded upon with new, explorable 3D areas.) Doing such a thing would exceed well past the limit of a single blueray and, in an act to bring us the game sooner, Square Enix has decided to break the game up into parts allowing us to experience, at least the first part of the story, sooner than later."

You can both thank me later. :)

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@napsac41: so after being graphically updated, it will be the biggest game ever made?

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@crxuchilbara: lol. God no. I said I agree with ohaidere on that point. Then I took both points of both parties and made a logical statement out of them. Don't get me wrong. None of that was my opinion. Just diffusing a flame war before it happens. ;)

That's how debates should work anyways. Take two opinions and move forward to create something new. Or we could all just argue our points till we're blue in the face, only to realize at the end of the day nothing with anyone has changed at all. But if that's the case then what's the point of arguing a point of view at all?

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This thing went from pre-order to wait till full content is out. I'll Twitch it and see what the pricing is; anything over 80$ CDN before taxes is a no go, unless it is Da Shit I'm hoping for

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I hope they make it difficult like the old FF games. Too much casual bullshit in these games. I like how they made the easier mode on MGSV with chicken hat. They should do something similar with this.

I'm especially ready for this game to fall flat on its face because of how bad the newer FF games are. I don't expect much from Square anymore.

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@Sound_Demon: ff7 ain't hard though.

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They only thing that I didn't notice myself was the south edge reference to advent children, which has me very intrigued. I'm hoping they go the route of wrapping the entire FF7 canon into one massive project and then just release it in 2 parts or a trilogy.

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Square Enix already announced that it would be using Unreal Engine 4 (source: Kingdom Hearts 3 is already in Unreal 4 too. They should know this.

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I'm wearing my "yes-hat" and am quite excited. Call me crazy, but I actually don't want a HD carbon copy of FFVII. Most PSX jrpgs are thorougly outshined by the PS2 generation afterall, and I sure the game is nowhere near as action-y as doomsayers expect.

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@MlauTheDaft: I wouldn't say most psx jrpgs are outshined by the ps2 generation. I think they both have great jrpg games in each generation. That said I feel like the ps2 while it had some, they weren't as numerous as psx had in my opinion. I will say my favorite ps2 jrpg was Rogue Galaxy, and I think graphically it still looks pretty good even today. I would give psx the title of having the best good/great jrpgs, with the ps2 next after that. I think ps3 and ps4 just threw jrpgs out the window over here in the states, and the ones brought over aren't even as good as what we had with psx and ps2.

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@MlauTheDaft: Really? Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, Xenogears, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF Tactics, Legend of Dragoon...

Yeah, I don't think so.

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@jdlok: FFX, FFXII, Nocturne, Digital Devil Saga, Xenosaga, Persona 3, Persona 4, Dragon Quest VIII, Rogue Galaxy.... I do think so.

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@MlauTheDaft: well that's not a fair argument. I feel like the ps2 generation is the exact same mold as those from the psx gen. They Simply look a bit better. Nowadays they are playing with the gameplay and combat so much that they hardly resemble the jrpgs of the psx and ps2 gens.

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@Azazel29: I feel the jrpgs reached their full potential in the PS2 era itteration and that some innovation is warranted.

I expect the gameplay to be more slow paced than KH and reminiscent of FFXV with character switching and that sounds exciting to me. Don't expect a world map, because that's what's you're going to be traversing as standard and towns are probably going to be actual locations, rather than hotspots.

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@MlauTheDaft: jrpgs did reach their full potential at that time, but with new tech that potential should be higher now. why is innovation warranted? (obviously if it makes the game more fun there's no complaints), but all those jrpgs on the psx and ps2 are still better than most new RPGs. the reason I try out new RPGs is in hopes it will feel like a ff7 or legend of dragoon, new RPGs like skyrim have some great aspects but can get really boring because combat doesn't evolve much, modern RPG stories get stale easy, side quests are usually fetch or kill quest (the opposite of innovation), you get easily side tracked from the story with just running around in space. There are tons of ways old RPGs are better than new ones. I don't think they have to do it with FF7, but a JRPG like those of old made on new technology would be a welcome addition to my gaming collection.

And I liked the world map. Yeah it was a little linear but sometimes you had options and some of the more interesting side quests took place on the world map. Lucretia's cave. Using gold chocobos to get secret items. Or other chocobos if you hadn't gotten a gold yet. Running into and defeating ruby and emerald weapons. Shoot even the water aspect was cool. Ff7 threw so much diversity at the gamer that you would never get bored and we're always excited about what could happen next. I'm excited for this game no matter how we get it. I just hope they can create the DIVERSITY and excitement they did like 18 years ago. Every character was unique, every place, there were lots of unique enemies, unique side quests, unique mini games, they never forced the player to experience something that was the same or very close more than once.

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@Azazel29: Well, I'm not going to object to any of that, I'm just happy we're finally getting the remake ;)

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Please look forward to it! #ColinisRight

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As someone who has played and finished the original, Im happy they are expanding and updating everything about the game. Who wants to play the same classic game with just updated graphics? I can already do that with mods. As far as episodic parts go, we'll never know how that will impact the game until we do know. Im hoping once you get all the parts, it plays out like a full game with out letting you know in anyway that the game was split up into parts. Such as "Please continue to Episode 2..." or anything retarded like that.

Excited non the less.

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@hawkeyez83: If I wanted to play the exact same game as I did nearly 20 years ago, there are plenty of ways to do that (either find an old hard copy, or download via PSN/Steam). While I don't think any major story points are going to change, I'm fine with them adding some stuff here and there as long as it all makes sense.

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@hawkeyez83: "Im hoping once you get all the parts, it plays out like a full game with out letting you know in anyway that the game was split up into parts. "

That is my biggest concern as well. If they make it cohesive Then the expanded universe could be amazing. You might get to know better, characters that had only a couple lines before, and their problems become so much more real. I do hope they keep most if not all cut scenes from the original. The nostalgia when I see them now realized in modern graphics will be awesome. Combat looks like it might not stray too far from the original while still being a little new.

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Good commentary. Helps put into perspective how amazing this game could be and for now got me over my issues with episodic and skepticism over the battle system. Also made me realize the expanded parts could be a boon, as opposed to boring extra space. Thanks for pointing out all the amazing connections to the original and I agree that the gritty feel is perfect. Pointing out the steps was a nice touch because you see that caution pattern several times in the original.

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@Azazel29: I expect:

3 games,

80+ hours,

3 title screens.

First game will end after first jenova encounter on the shinra ship and the jenova boss will be completely redone to be more aligned with final boss standards. Game will focus heavily on midgar, revamping the city to be explorable and massive. First continent is unlocked and will be a similar style to final fantasy 15. New side quest will be added along the the old ones, putting new areas to use.

Second game will start by unlocking the new continent and will cover red 13's, Barret's, and Cid's arks while maintaining focus on main plot. The game will end after Cid's ark with a "insert boss here" (jenova maybe?) many new side quest will accompany old ones, putting the new 3D areas to use.

The 3rd game will start and focus on Clouds ark and will focus on him regaining memories. Yuffie's side quest will be improved. Possible new ark written for the remake. New side quest along with old ones, putting new areas to use. The game will end with cloud defeating sephoroth and saving the world.

Whatcha guys think? :)

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@Azazel29: Agreed, my initial skepticism of the end product went down, perhaps they didn't mess up the battle system after all, I'm still however not happy with the "episodic installment" choice.