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Would you let Danny O'Dwyer run a children's Theme Park? I think not! Watch as he creates the most chaotic playland imaginable in the 1994 classic: Theme Park.

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the videos cant be dowloaded ? i remember it can bacck in the day

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You should try Theme Park World

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prize! not price :p in the duck game, you can put win percentage as 100% and put the cost higher that the prize and everyone would play it. I think i used to have it at like 1000 a go :)

plus if i remember correctly, you need to invest your money into research :)

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Lol, this playthrough has taught me the secret to owning a successful theme-park: Never open it.

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You should play NOLF! Or if you don't know how great a game NOLF was and therefore don't know the acronym , it's called No One Lives Forever.

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The Logo on the sofa where the parents were seating down at the intro was I believe the old Midland Bank UK logo, but correct me if Im wrong. It was later changed, and changed again into HSBC after the merge in 1997.

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Good times. This was a personal favourite, then came the Tycoon games :)

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Well, no way I can miss this. The Alpha Centauri episode forced me to dig out my copy of the game & get back into it (& side note, the Alpha Centauri manual has awesome appendices all about the science of Alpha Centauri, a bit on the stars, it's really cool. And very large. I miss manuals). Probably won't be reinstalling Theme Park as I think my copy is long lost but do have great memories of it. I miss Bullfrog.

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I can't wait for this episode. I played the daylights out of this game when I was younger.

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@DigitalDame Good for you, champs! Lol.

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Most of these kids will never know the joy of the 40 discs needed to install this game.

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@grenadehh Joy?

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I used to love this game. First played it on PC at my friend's house, then I got it on 3DO. A few months later I got it on the Jaguar, and finally on the Playstation 1. I still have that copy.

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happy days playing this game. love my sega megadrive II ;-)

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I found out about Theme Park when I had Sega Channel. Theme Park and SimCity on SNES were the foundation of my huge interest in simulation builders.

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Hey look they put a piece down and you don't have to wait 23 hrs or pay $2 now

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Danny is such a cute man. He must have a smoking hot wife!

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@nayce54 And you must not.

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@nayce54 awkward ...