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I can't see the video on my phone. What is the list of games?

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I would have to put Homefront The Revolution in that list as well.

That 'game' was just travesty on a monumental scale.

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I'm actually enjoying Umbrella Corps.

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@bsaa_chris: Why...?

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I feel like so much of TMNT's downfalls could be overlooked if the game was a local multi-player beat em up. You know, like developers knew worked for the franchise back in like 1990.

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Alehkine's Gun, had some hope for that to be a rebirth of the old school Hitman, but yeah it just looked so bad.

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How was No Man's Sky not included?

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@spo562: It certainly caused a stir due to how high the expectations for it were but I don't think it ended up being AS bad as the ones I included on this list.

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@tempertress: True, but in terms of the hype it received I think it should have been mentioned. Too repetitive. The worlds seemed empty.

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@spo562: agreed with No Man's SKy, but the updates look like they add so much more content now.

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@spo562: It wasn't bad, it just didn't live up to the hype. If you went in after meticulously avoiding all the hype and spoilers like I did it was a nice little relaxing exploration thing. I didn't know what I was supposed to be missing.

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@oldtaku: Yes, I think the hype is what killed it to for me. I was hoping for exploration similar to Mass Effect, but better. The world just seemed empty for me. The same enemy over such a huge universe. No contact with other explorers or races of beings.

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All of these games were bad but at least they weren't full price $60 titles. How can a worst of 2016 list not contain the worst rated game in the history of Steam that also did cost $60? No Man's Sky is the worst game of 2016 and probably one of the worst in the history of gaming.

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@Eighty_6d: Good lord, no it wasn't worse than Hitler Just compare to something like Big Rig Racing or Road to Hell Retribution. If you went in not expecting anything it was a relaxing little exploration and photography game.

It was way oversold and $60 was too much to ask for it, so it was a relative disappointment, but what was there was far better than Umbrella Corps, TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan, or the PS4 Ghostbuster game.

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TMNT isnt that bad, i played it with my bro and we both enjoyed it.
A couple of scenes are a bit repetitive but good overal. just not worth full price.

if you see a steam/xbox/ps sale, get it. i got it that way and im happy i did it.

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Great list. But thanks to your site I never purchased any of them! Money saved for the good ones... Woohoo. ;-)