The What If Machine - Season 2 Teaser

The What if Machine is returning for another season of science-meets-video games goodness. Get a sneak peek of the topics Cam will be casting his bionic eye over this time.

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The What If Machine
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still wating on perfect dark' what if... machine segment.

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Let's see, what are we getting? Mass effect, alien invasions, and super soldiers. Yes please.

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This wasn't a "sneak-peek". It was a cut-off interview with too long an intro... :p

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do one on infamous

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Yyyyeeeessssss, yyeeeessssss, yyyeeeeessssss, Yeah... It's back, it's back, iiiit'ssssss Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack...

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Such a great show - looking forward to it's return. :)

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Not a fan of Halo at all anymore but What If Machine is so good I'll look forward to the video.

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a shame there was no survey or something where people could upload ideas for the show

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Nice, can't wait! Is that Wipeout at 0:28?

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Season 2 will be even greater than the first one. Mass effect and Dishonored are excellent reasons to contemplate on the "what if". Looking forward to it!

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@johnd13 Hm.. whale oil technology... and mass effect drive cores that reduce the mass of things allowing them to travel at FTL speeds. Yep. That'd be a good topic.

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What if the Government infects everyone with nanobots spread through our water/beverages/beer/wine so they can further control us. CONSPIRACY; I never asked for this

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How do you know they haven't already? :o

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you!