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I don't care what people say, I'm gonna get this because I love The Walking Dead and cos Daryl is badass B)

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''The Last of us'' looks 10 times better

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I really hope this is good or at least a fun game but idk after looking at the games terminal velocity developed in the past like kinect star wars and the other mainstream worthless shit, I just don't know. I also think that the reason we haven't even seen a demo or real gameplay of it is because the devs and activision know it will suck ass but are just expecting the shows huge audience will blindly buy it. smh but I hope im wrong I really wanna play an enjoyable zombie survival game.

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And here comes another call of duty with zombies...todays games...they all look alike...

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It does look like it will be the usual "Movie/TV to video game"-game, with some sloppy running and shooting awkwardly placed between cut-scenes voice acted by a few characters from the show (probably in one long recording session). I get that most big franchises do this at some point or another, I just don't get why walking dead is doing it. They've already shown that the franchise works well in the gaming world if you give it to a great developer, why not spend the extra cash to make a real survival horror game (especially since RE6 was such a flop). Hopefully I'm wrong and this ends up being the next best thing since RE2, but I'm certainly not going to be pre-ordering based on the trailer.

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@Courtawulf Very nicely said my friend I couldn't agree with you more.But keep in mind its not the first time that this happens.Look at the James Bond games,look at the up coming Star Trek game,or even colonial alien marines ,all a bunch of garbage.

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good for my shitty computer

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The gameplay video I saw yesterday looks like shit. Sorry to say, this game is not going to get a good review nor a good Metacritic score. Should have let a well known developer create this game. Activision: is a good publisher, Terminal Velocity: is a Bad developer

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@wrestlingdude Well If you want another CoD clone but with zombies or a CoD zombies like they already did alot of times let Activision do it, either this game is gonna suck badly! It will only sell because of it's name with the hardcore fans and that's it...

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Biiiig deal, same as Arma 2 next...

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god is this the first movie liscense im going to get milked lol....well see

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I can't help but imagine this won't be a very good game, just slapt together because they know fans of the series will buy it.

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Walking Dead starring Daryl!!!!!

..... urgh.... and Meryl

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Not a bad trailer, I may check this out, hopefully it will be a vaule priced title, dosen't seem liek there will be much production quality, but I doubt it will be... Oh well...

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Graphics look terrible. Just because the show is so big, don't just throw the walking dead on a title and be lazy. Please do not rush this game. Take your time, and there better be co-op!

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my nintendo 64 has better graphics

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This looks like a 4.5-6.0 (TOPS!). Thankfully there's Telltale's Walking Dead!

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Graphically, it's not looking good. But it sure has some potential. Im hoping it doesn't end up all rushed and shoddy

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As long as the gameplay is solid, it will be a "B" game. I really think that the only real way to do a walking dead game is the telltale ones. Those are awesome.

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Did anyone notice ACTIVISION mentioned right under the box shot?

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Daryl and Meryl in a game.. what... could be better than that?

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It's my opinion, but the game have a good potential, i like the series and i don't judge a game only by a trailer... ^_^

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The game looks like it's going to be really bad. The fake trailer was better than this, at least it showed off some gameplay.

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Gameplay better be awesome because the graphics certainly aren't, even by console standards.

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Make it good please !! I am going to spent 60 europe for this game !

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@dennisgameongr just wait till the review comes out so you wont "waste" your money if it isnt good

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is this going to be a open world game???

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@shanyantan That would be nice but I wouldn't count on it. Looks like a standard FPS :(

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looks rushed, i hope im wrong.

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I wanted the graphics to be much more realistic considering that Telltale game was more like cartoon'ish ,, but lets wait and see.

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Looks terrible.

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I'll wait and see before I buy it.

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I might get this game in March and I was a bit confused with the release date in the video whem it said the 22nd and realize that is the Euro date and on the side it saids the 19th that is the same day as Gears of War: Judgement.

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Unfortunately, with the exception of the 2 lead characters, everything about this game looks mediocre.

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I hope this is good!