The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct - Game Date Reveal Trailer

Norman Reed and Michael Rooker, who play Daryl and Merle Dixon respectfully, promote The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct in this quick clip.

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The Graphics are outdated but I'll give it a chance, but I wish "Ninja" Michonne was in this Game too. =/

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I'll give this game a chance if it deserves it, not because of the name it carries. I'm a huge fan of the series, just got a chance to DVR most of them recently and cannot get enough. I think most of us are cautiously optomistic, given how many times we've been burned by Hollywood tie-ins. Oh, the last time I got burned by a big franchise name was the Matrix, so that's been a while, before I used the internet for reviews. How did the last Aliens game do? Yeah, I don't have that one either, and Aliens is an all time favorite franchise.

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Honestly, regardless of my love for Walking Dead, this promo is ridiculous. "Merle & Daryl, in a game.. what can be better than that?" It just screams "I don't play video games so I wouldn't know."

What could be better? Most games could be better, including Telltale's game. This looks like another cash-in on a license. It MIGHT not be, but if this is the best they can do for promotion, I'm not out of line to expect it. It's possible I'm reading into this too much. I guess we'll see I was right when this piece of shit comes out in March. If I'm right... and I am.

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wow that was the best 18 seconds trailer ever -_-

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Can i hope for a good story? Telltale's The Walking Dead raised the bar pretty high for The Walking Dead video game because of its amazing story, i hope Terminal Reality can do that too, despite the fact that it tells the story of the most badass characters of the tv show

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the sweatest 8 second trailer of all time LOL

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don't say no to a guy w/ a sword for a arm...and a flat/golf cap..?

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I might pick this up day one but might wait and see once I see more on it.

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wow that make me want this ............ honest

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lol... not even a CGI...

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yeah eeerr i love all and anything that is walking dead, will check this day 1.....wont beat the comic though, s*** go pick that up

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UMM... Shortest Trailer Ever Award?

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From what I've seen it looks dated, I'll wait for the reviews.

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