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The TimeSplitters Trilogy Is Still Great 16 Years Later

TimeSplitters, TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is one of the most beloved shooter trilogies in console gaming history. But it’s been 16 long years since the last entry to the franchise, and first-person shooters have changed dramatically in that time. With a new TimeSplitters game on the horizon, how well does the original trilogy hold up in 2021?

Back in May, Deep Silver announced the reformation of Free Radical Design, creators of the original TimeSplitters trilogy, and their first task is a new entry to the classic shooter franchise. Can a sequel retain the chaotic, uncomplicated joy of the original games?

Surely a remake or remaster of the TimeSplitters trilogy can't be far away, but in the meantime join Chris as he digs out a dusty old PS2, plugs in a shonky pad and revisits three of the best console shooters ever made.