The Story So Far Part 5 of 5 - Assassin's Creed II

Ezio travels to the Vatican to assassinate the pope and learn the secrets of the apple. To prepare for Assassin's Creed 3, we've put together major cut-scenes and gameplay from all of the previous entries in the series to catch you up with the story.

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Waa.. This guy is good with hidden blade. I envy him.

4:30 Poor guard, he kill them all. I Just sneaky and spend a lot of time and repetition:)

Why Ezio don't kill Rodrigo and replaced him with his good siblings? Like Man In The Iron Mask?


What about the story after that? Ah, Ubisoft always can make good fake story. Trust him. :)

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Does the knife stab have any affect on Ezio in the next game?

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Why does abstergo use swords when the storm the safe house at the end? Wouldn't it make more sense to use guns?

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@pollo_is_cool BANG! And Desmond die. So who will be the next main character?


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@pollo_is_cool it's not even swords, it's some kind of security guard baton or whatever. And yes it would, but it would be unfair. I don't think they could pull off that segment with the enemies carrying guns since the mechanic was introduced in the next game if I recall correctly and it only makes sense in older times since reloading takes a lot of time compared to the guns of today. You can only do so much realism in a video game :P

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Thanks a ton for these uploads. I got lost in all the Italian names when I last played through.

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It was sooo creepy when she looks at you through the TV lol

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My favorite ending in any game. Made an already fantastic game one of the best ever.

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@Citizen_King It was very good and one of my favorites, but I don't think that I can call it my absolute favorite. For story conclusions, I also have to weigh this against Zelda 64, FF8, Gold Sun 2, MGS3, Halo Reach, and Xenogears. As the industry grows older, so does the list of games with spectacular endings, so it becomes difficult for me to assign an all-time favorite.

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@Citizen_King ending for a game for me too

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Will you guys also do Brotherhood and Revelations? I didnt play those because it felt like the same games, but I'm still interested in the story

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@sgtZipper Brotherhood is next week, Revelations is the following week. Also going to make a video for each game of just the Desmond story parts that will go live after Revelations.

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@sgtZipper the stories were really the only thing that kept me playing those. they were really good though. Shit gets crazy.

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I' m descending more and more into the magnificent world of assasin' s creed. Give us the next episode!

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I'm surprised they didn't show anything about Subject 16/The Truth.

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@pimpman5000 The Truth absolutely blew my mind after I solved all the puzzles, even when I could see where it was going. Stacking that on top of Minerva's reveal might've been to much for AC new comers lol.

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Probably my favorite moment in gaming. I had chills running all through my body when I first got to the end of this game. I've seen it years later on a friend's playthrough and it still gives me chills.

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What happened to Ezio's Mother and sisters, where did they live? or did they die too?

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Monteriggioni until Cesare's assasult... After that, they moved to Rome.