The Story So Far Part 4 of 5 - Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Ezio discovers the real leader of the Templars and must rescue Sofia. To prepare for Assassin's Creed 3, we've put together major cut-scenes and gameplay from all of the previous entries in the series to catch you up with the story.

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wow those cape effects are awful

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@bielzabob Always have been. And it seems, always will be. :(

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i don;t care I love this game :D

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personally this series sucked in terms of story. it's quite badly written. every templar is by default evil, heartless and a monster. people have different reasons for doing what they do. the templars here are just nazis but its far too big an organisation to not have people with good intentions. and the explanation for how the animus works, the whole "first civilisation" thing, subject sixteen's presence in weird places inside the animus, all make for a pretty unelievable and really weak plot. not saying i can write better but this was not good writing. gameplay is pretty solid and fun.

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@aniforprez I think they went out of their way to make sure every Templar was humanized actually.

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@aniforprez then check the AC1 videos again so you might learn something about the templars

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@arcanitejedi i've played all the games except the last one. the "first people", the apples and other artifacts of eden, how subject sixteen is in weirder and weirder places (first he was in the hard drive they stole, then thy say he placed glitches in the memories and now he's suddenly in the black box island?) is all a little too fantastic. they should have stuck with some government conspiracy theories rather than involving super-science and other sci-fi crap. this doesn't blend well with the periodic setting and the current day problems.

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@Ultra_Taco i have played them and i was very disappointed with the angle they decided to go with supernatural stuff. the game was really enjoyable though repetitive. by the end i was expecting the betrayal but the sudden sci-fi twist and the stuff with the apple of eden threw me off. after that when they continued down that weird path i liked it less and less. i like the period setting and the story upto the point they bring up the first civ. i would just have loved some government conspiracy instead of sci-fi save-the-world one-man-rescues-all crap

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@aniforprez You don't seem to have played AC1 at all....

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cant wait!!!

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I forgot how epic it was when Ezio brought all the assassin's together for that fight. He was like, you guys ready to massacre some bitches?

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"Fight with me, and show him what it means to cross the Assassins" I got goose bumps

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Great series. Really well done. I spend way too much time watching this.

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I love the Assassin Creed Series. Can't wait for the AC3, hope Jbhifi has midnight Launch for it