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The Story Behind A League of Legends Star - GameSpot Chronicle Episode 1 Teaser

In this series we’re telling the stories of people who continue to make League the phenomenon it is today. From streamer to star player, Aphromoo continues to captivate fans with his skilled play, outgoing personality and determination to guide his team to victory. Catch him in the first episode on September 7th! Brought to you by Riot Games.

Although its name may not have the same buzz around it as something like Fortnite right now, League of Legends remains one of the most popular games ever. And as is only appropriate for such a popular, highly competitive, team-based multiplayer game, its esports scene is a major part of its appeal for many.

There have been a variety of big names in the League of Legends esports scene, and among them is that of Zaqueri Black, better known as Aphromoo. He plays for 100 Thieves, and he's established himself as one of the best Support players League has ever seen. Earlier this year, he was named MVP during the Spring Split of the NA LCS--that's notable, as the award had never before gone to a Support.

But just how does someone end up becoming a star in the still-fledgling world of esports? In the first episode of the upcoming GameSpot Chronicle series, we'll dive into the story of Aphromoo and his rise to fame after starting out as a streamer. You can see a trailer for the first episode above ahead of its debut this coming Friday, September 7.