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The Sims' Darkest Mystery: The Fate Of Its Most Famous Sim | Lorescape

On this episode of Lorescape, we take a closer look at the mystery behind one of the most famous Sims of all time, Bella Goth. While The Sims games are known for their character customization and house decoration, the stranger lore beneath the surface reveals quite a few bizarre mysteries and relationships. From aliens and vampires to supervillains, the world of SimNation and the lore behind it runs much deeper than you know.

Lorescape tells the stories behind video games that you never may have noticed had a deeper meaning or a real-world influence. Whether we’re exploring mythology or political figures that inspired games like BioShock, The Last of Us’s mysterious Ish, or the family conspiracies in The Sims, Lorescape will always bring new surprising, interesting, or unsettling meaning to your favorite games.

The second episode of Lorescape dives deep into some of the the lore of The Sims franchise with the mysterious story behind Bella Goth.

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In Lorescape, we delve deeply into the lore of our favorite video game worlds.