The Sims 3 Supernatural Announcement Trailer

Play with the supernatural in the latest installment of The Sims franchise.

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why the video isnt working?????


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I WANT IT SOOOOOOOOO BADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi supernatural fans

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Plants vs. Zombies! That's why I'm here :)

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Bring back Seasons...

This one will be interesting, if spells are in it's sorta like Makin' Magic.

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Let me guess....$39. About the same prices as buying the game over and over and over...again. Let the modders have fun with it and we wont have to wait for overpriced expansions. oh NM its EA not maxis anymore.

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wow, i have to wait till :(

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Lol okay. The Sims 3: True Blood pretty much.

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I hope this really is going to be really good.

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Hm... another strange expansion, looks like they`re out of ideas. Besides with every EP loading times get longer and game runs slower thanks to the old engine which simply can`t utilize all of PC`s resources, EA should make Sims 4 already.

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Really U want 2 see a sims 4 thats mad!!!!! what esle can do, they cant really do anything if there going to keep it at all ages type of game.

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Looks kinda cool. I think they put what the fans like and should have been in the original all in one addon.

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i kind of like it

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Sims keeps making the stupid expansions !

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What's next? Sims 3 Fart Jokes?

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I know one day i'll install the sims 3 and all it's expansions. Then after a while realize that even with all the content, the core game is still boring.

At least that's what I did with 1 and 2.

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Because there have to be werewolves, sorcerers, fairies and vampires in Sims. :?

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Can't wait for the "Sims 3: The almost complete edition" and its 17 expansions pack for only $200 ©EA

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@woodyfr Gotta hate em .