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Its not even 1% similiar to the previous sims 2 , they rocked the sims up

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Great Game .. i wish it becomes on PS2 or PS3

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I agree with Billybob, its going to be brilliant and the content will show the difference, not EVERYTHING is about graphics. (though alot is!)

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All the people who say it looks the same: have you read anything about it? Yeah the visual design of the game and the UI are similar. But do you know about moodlets? about the personality traits? and most of all: about the open world? That's such a game changer a ton of people are worrying the Sims 3 will be too different than the Sims 2.

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The Sims series had always found a way to better their game each installment. I believe this is the case with Sims 3 also. That is why this game is so successful.

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A colo734 and @PredatorRules: Try actually reading the info and watching the other videos about the game and learn about the differences instead of simply look about it because they aren't going to show everything beforehand. What they have revealed though has a lot more opportunities and is worlds apart from the Sims 2.

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the sim walked through the door :(

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I think they did a great job with the Create-a-Sim's new features, and the neighborhood, and all the design tools, but they didn't put any focus on making the ways Sim's interact with each other, and with objects. They could have changed that a little bit more.

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OH great! another expansion...oh wait...it says The sims 3...

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you guys are judging this game based on 1 minute of gameplay footage, thats like judging a tv series from one minute of the pilot episode. this game is going to be awesome.

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sims 3 ftw! :)

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and the difference between Sims 2 and 3 is?

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No joke -- I actually though this was The Sims 2 when I first started watching this video. Doesn't look like much has changed, and I suppose the only noticeable difference was the character models and the neighborhood outside. Other than that -- even the UI -- is almost exactly the same as The Sims 2. Majorly disappointing.

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Same soup, just reheated.

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I have to admit that I am not absolutely blown away with the game like I was when I first heard they were making another sequel,. So far the game look decent but I would call it more of a Sims 2.5 rather than a full fledged 3. Either way I'm buying it on the 2nd without question.

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I've heard you can't fast forward very fast. And that you have to wait ages for sleep and work to finish. Is this true? I cant tell from these sort of videos.

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I cant wait for June 2.

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I liked sims 2 so i know sims 3 going to be even better and bigger

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ah, you guys are right, it still looks cool though

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Agreed with inhopeless, was hoping their movements would be a lot more easier, faster and better this time. Also was hoping for new animations, but they're repeated. Unfortunately, even though I was/am ridiculously excited, it's not living up to the min. expectation at all. Just slightly altered with saving/neighbourhood play, CAS and the wants/needs, etc. I miss Will Wright. ):

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Looks like there are some path-finding problems. Hope this isn't as bad as this video makes it seem.