The Sims 3 - Day in the Life of a Sim Gameplay Movie

The Sims 3. Sims character picks his threads, builds a house, gets a job, and goes to the beach.

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lol yeah

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why do they talk so weird

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Bring it out on 360!!

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they should rate this m for mature already!

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cool i want this game sooo badly

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@Finsie totaly agree.

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At least Will Wright isn't here to screw Sims 3 over like he did with Spore. I've been following this game too much for it to flop. It cannot flop for that reason alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever time I see the little diamond with the 3 I think of all the cool things that it's going to have.....

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cant wait already preorderd it whoooo i love sims 3 so much stuff to do in this one

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I really hope this game comes out of the wii, or gamecube! If it does, I'm sure going to get it. So many amazing things to do.

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@ j_bro007 Lol thought that was just a pic of a random person lol.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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this game looks so cool, i think i will end up spending weeks just in the character creator alone, i cant wait for this one. P.S. if i can make myself as good as i did in saints row, i will have a new avatar picture XD

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@ericlr: Well pal, we all seem to be able to view the video just fine, why is it Gamespots fault that you can't see the video? Try updating your Flash Player, if that doesn't work, go hang out with IGN and stop whining. So, who wants to take bets as to what the first expansion pack will be?

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@Zoecatgirl oh i didn't know that lol sorry jason my bad.Butstill he shouldn't have a pirate copy.

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Nice ..... better than the Sims 2 and more complex i hope

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Good to see some actual gameplay. I would have liked to see build mode briefly - maybe with a better sim player though.

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GAAHH I WANT THIS!! but i pre ordered infamous already...

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@Rallen6 Where have you been? News that the game was leaked early is all over the internet, jason23456 probably has a copy of the pirated version...... zomg.

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Man, i hope my pc can run this.

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@jason23456 sims 3 ain't out yet so shut up you loser and think about what vid your commenting on zomg

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motherf****ing right gaurd

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I already have this game

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Gamespot, why can't I watch this video? All I get is the really horrible advertisement and then nothing. This is why IGN dominates you. This is coming from a guy who hates How about fixing your stupid site so that I can watch this video.

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Screw you right guard ad.

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z0mgawd, that guy is teh sux0rz @ build mode.

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ManiacKawaii:well in sims2 you have a animation wen your sims enter or exit a car(close to reality) ,this video show in sims3,they vanish,they vanish,what i know so far of sims 3 is this,open town,sand box games,rabbit hole building,sims car vanish and reappearing in they parking lots,sims vanish wen entering a car or exit,by the way you can't force me to buy this game,i probably wont buy it,because they could add more feature to this game,but no they want to stuff you later with EXPANSION PACK

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for those who thought that it looks like sims 2..well..its the simulator of the you can really change life? they just add something there delete something there and that's all..and for those who though "oh mi gash they just vanish bad game" - are you from insane asylum? Oh yeah cmon let's give this game 1.0 point because sims just vanish

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Like I already thought for many months or years: This game is just what 'The Sims 2' should always have been. So don't expect a huuuge difference in looks and all that. It's more like a big feature difference, and of course a bit of a graphics-update too.

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billy mayes?!?!?

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its cool to have open town,but i notice that there no animation wen sims enter a car or exit,they just vanish,surely sims 2 was better then that

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Looks a bit to much like the sims 2 i think

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is there a zoom in option?!

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that was a pretty boring video right there, was expecting at least a voice over explaining ...well....anything really :(

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Oh, and why does the Sim look like Carlos Solise from Desperate Houswives???

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It gets repetitive in Simlish, yes, but can you imagine how much worse it would be in English??? I'd much prefer to hear them say the same thing over and over again in their own language than in English!

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jrabbit99: I agree but i can't view the video i don't think they are going to chage the language soon

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cool i cant wait

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It looks good but when will they start speaking english?

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this move indeed looks very nice. the thing i kinda hated about The Sims (1) was that the time went to fast.

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Teehee the music, Just gets me thinking :) SO HAPPY! hope all of you Enjoy like i am going to!

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Am a very big fan of the sims games! I cant wait!! Must have it noooow! It looks soo awesome!

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that looks like billy mays! hahaha

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looking at this, its clear that the graphics have improved and look alot cooler

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This is the best game ever in PC and it releases in the next month.......I can't wait 4 that day when i buy this game!

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I was never a fan of The Sims games, but I'm still gonna buy this one :P. It looks too interesting in comparison to the others.

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kinda cool, shows the new building screen, some gameplay, some character creation... looking good, i think i'll have to reserve this game soon, or just go out and get it myself maybe next month

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this game is gonna be awesum!!!!!!!!!!

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Hopefully this wont be a bust. Doesn't look a whole lot different. Of course that could be misleading, since you can't get a feel for the effects of the open neighbourhoods and city aging without spending a good deal of time with the game.

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