The Sims 10th Anniversary Feature

Check out this look back at ten years of The Sims!

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I love The Sims!And I will always love the sims-It Just Never Gets Old

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harvest moon is better

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I have A Question 4 EA If U had 2 give u[ 1 game franchise would it be madden or sims every body awenser

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Its sush a cool game

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Bored with sims now. After sims 1, then sims 2, now sims 3, it's getting well stale. Unless they do virtual reality headsets for sims 4, I ain't interested. Yawn.

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haha the music IS great. 10 years later it still pops into my mind now and again

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I LOVE the music in the first game.

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the best sims ever

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A game you can call a real game is the Sims so far the most realistic one is Sims 3. Sims Is AWESOME!

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yes, it's one of my favoriate games, ever forever.

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im play the sims 10 yeard oready ..

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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i love this game ever, play for live n happy always thank for EA GAME and MAXIS...

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@senton94 Let's see if a near and dear to you commits suicide, and see whats your reaction to it, since most play a game to escape the shi.ty reality most have, and other stuff, just like the mentioned above

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I loved Sims 1 very much, and had every add-on created for it. I then waited impatiently for Sims 2, which, in my opinion, doubled the enjoyment of the first Sims games. I still have every add-on for both Sims 1 and 2. I never bought Sims 3 because I moved my interest to a virtual online world where I can build and have friends, have land, a home and explore the world. I am not limited now to single player. However, Sims will always be a top favorite game for me..and I want to reinforce Mega-loser's comment that Maxis created The Sims. Will Wright was the creator of the idea and the game. I hated Sims online with a passion, and won't explain was just horrible for me. GO SIMS !!!! 10 YEARS!!!!

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Best game ever

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I miss it so much, I gave my old sims 2 to one ex girlfriend, and I've never seen it again since that dreadful day, now my laptop can't run the Sims 3, oh the pain!

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SIMS is by far better than the real world in it i can marry the woman i love and achieve the very job i like. i can achive all of my desires with it.

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Should i install Sims 3 again?... Maybe i should!.. It looks so awesome!..

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the sims is 1 of the best games ever i was playing the first game + with sims do magic :D and i loved it i hope sims will steel continue to get better and better the most thing that i want to see in the sims is multiplayer option it would be great in sims 4

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Oh my gosh its hard to belive that The Sims has been around 10 years all ready. It is such a awesome game. I have been playing it since day 1. Can't wait to see what else they have in store for Sims 3.

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I kinda wish they made a version of the sims 3 for xbox 360. I played The Sims 2 for the original x-box and it was pretty good. It was mostly fun because you could play with another person. There is no reason they can't figure the controls out. If they can make a version of the sims 3 for iPhone and iPod touch they can make the sims 3 for x-box 360.

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This is why I truly hate EA. They make their entire company rich off the PC then screw PC gamers out of Dead Space 2. Up yours, EA. Your corporate evilness is starting to show. The Sims is none the less awesome. I hate you EA.

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this is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!Too bad i cant play it my house :(

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I wish they had a series of really inappropriate and crazy behaviors. Like suicide. >:]

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@BelaidKL Totally agree with you. I find the sims in Sims 2 more appealing than in Sims 3. Another is that my girlfriend's laptop can not run Sims 3 and I don't want to play Sims 3 if she can't.

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One of the best thing I love in this game is the music especially build6.mp3. :) I used to play while studying... then after the exams, I play it all through the night

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as the sims say "Whooho"

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@Mike358015 I hope you know there were two Sims games that were multiplatform. One was simply the Sims, which was more or less a port of the pc game with some changes, namely full 3d. After that within a couple years The Sims: Bustin' Out was released as well. There was also The Urbs too but that was a straight up flop. Yeah...I've been playing The Sims for it's entire name and info above implies lol

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im not gonna lie. i use to break night playing that game... i have nothing bad to say about them.. Good Job.

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so, i've been playing the sims for 10 yrs, not all the time but i have experienced all the sims versions and expansions, though, this game reminds me of old days when i had chance to play with my sister, that was really fun... about the game, i dont think there will be a console version of this game because this game is played on pc, where there are mouses and keyboards, so the control of the this game on the console will really be hard...

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Ah, good old CD-ROM-days. lol You know, I think 'The Sims 2' was a nice step forward from 'The Sims', like with the actual 3D and all... But I think that 'The Sims 3' is the actual "sequel" or follow-up to 'The Sims', as in, that it's actually what "The Sims 2" was supposed to be. Because, even though 'The Sims 2' was a nice and great game, it did feel limited here and there, which kind of started to bore me after just having built a Sim's life. Also, I agree it should probably be released for consoles, if it isn't. Because I think this game should just be there for anyone, you know. However, this game is and always be a PC-game, because of the way you play the game. I don't think it would be as handy with a controller, unless they'd start using mouse+keyboard-support for the game. I personally hated what they did with the PS2-versions of 'The Sims 2', that you suddenly were playing with your Sim in 3rd-person-view, which just changes the whole gameplay. It's like turning an RTS-game into a 3rd-person-game. Cause that's what it is, you manage the environment and you don't control just 1 character, you can, but not as in "being" it and controlling it directly.

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wow 10th Anniversary wow has it been that long i love this game i have the sims sims busting out sims 2 sims 2 pets this game is awsome keep up the great work jason w

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god i miss that intro! (sims1) lol XD. well to point 1 thing every time EA release a new version its missing some of the small things like animations and stuff, same as in sims 3, well either way good job EA. keep at it.

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Having Sims on the PS3 and the XBOX360 will really be great. Lots of people cannot play the Sims because of their machines being slow or outdated (me included). Having (at least) The Sims 3 on a console will greatly improve in audience and sales. But, it has to be a complete Sims game, not like the ones released before, with "campaign" and stuff like that, but a direct port of the original PC game. They can even put expansion packs, items and all sort of things on the PS Store or the XB Live Marketplace, something that was impossible back in the PS2 era. EA, please, release the game on the consoles!

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my honest opinion is that the Sims 2 is the best one....i know Sims 3 is more diverse but I just like the Sims 2 more

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ya they need to come out with sim games for ps3 and xbox 360 you know people cuz it gets boring for pc after a while

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they need to put the Sims 3 on the next generation consoles that would be pretty amazing and have it be like the computer version cause the PC version is sick. PS3 owner

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at an earlier poster: the sims owns its existence to maxis, and not ea. maxis has been around for over 20 years.

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Sims truly has had an impact over the last decade and I say bravo to EA for such a tremendous game, though i haven't owned every game or thought of. I own Sims 2 Pets on ps2 and still think its a good game, they have come a long way with the franchise, the only thing that I have left to say is: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

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Why in this video are they consistently showing clips of the old Sims? Lol.

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I love sims' language! It's very cute. more expansion pack please-

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The Sims was amazing. 2 was also awesome as it improved upon little things. 3 I do like, but at the same time, they took little things out that I miss. Such as taking photographs and your album all in game, instead of having to upload it all. I liked just loading up a game and looking through my album to see what crazy stories I had going on.

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I haven't played 3 yet, and have played a good amount of 2, but I lost countless hours to the original. For me, the humor in the items was much more outlandish, and the music was MUCH better than 2's. The Buy and Build mode themes are still stuck in my head to this day. Absolutely wonderful soundtrack.

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I wish they could make The Sims 2/3 online...u know...It would be cool...

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the original the Sims was the best in series. The Sims 2 was cooler than 3, specially with expansions such as Seasons. I hope they make that for the Sims 3 as well.

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I loved the Sims 1 because of all the amazing, random, quirky objects that were put in the game. The dancing cage was a favorite! I wish they would've put more items like that into the Sims 2 and Sims 3. I have the Sims 3 yet as for now, I find the Sims 2 more fun due to the expansion packs. When there's more expansions for the Sims 3, I'll probably play it more.

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lol, were they just making fun of new moon? GO SIMS!

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