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45 seconds of him doing nothing but walking??....that's not gameplay :( -- Sent on a phone using T9space.com

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and this video suppose to promote this game !!

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if any game have prostitute that mean is gone to be a good game

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i think it game is gone to be different

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Hope it's better than all of Pandemic's other games. They generally have good ideas and look cool in trailers but play like sh*t.

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It looks very interesting. Tracked.

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It almost looks like it will play like Hitman

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Very interesting looking game so far based on the trailers and the one as the say game-play is it realy oh ok if you say so I like what Iam seeing so far graphics look great Iam waiting for more game-play video but so far this game looks good to me. And Iam buying this game when it is out. Reminds me of some other game wet.

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@DFen, it does not at all look like the godfather 2 engine, maybe you just think that because they both have strip clubs and if that's the case then good job on being observant. The game is by pandemic, its the mercenaries engine.

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are you people kidding don't judge this game from this game-play cause this is not a game-play don't judge from this... the game is style GTA(open world with missions) , hitman(stealth game,take cloths of others) , and Assassins creed/infamous (climb up buildings)

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This game's looking good...oozing with atmosphere. I sincerely hope that everything works out in the final execution of the game as they've got some very interesting ideas. Oh and I hate the annoying as *%^# bunny from the gamestop commercial. It should fall in the lava and just die.

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looks like they used the same game engine as godfather 2, I think Ima just rent this one instead

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looking great !

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Johnny the video had lots of girls in Lingere... what your missing is hetrosexuality :D

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Maybe the video didnt entirely play for me... but are all you nerds so excited because this video took place in a strip club? I didnt see ANY GAMEPLAY? what am I missing

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Ok, so I thought I won't buy another WWII themed game again in my life. I was SO WRONG!

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love it, looks amazing

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EA+WWII theme = love forever :))

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@H-A-V-O-K Brothels with men and for men if we are talking about the Romans, lol. As far as prostitution. It was rather commonplace in Rome and prostitutes weren't seen as outcasts. They were actually very independent women and I would venture to say they established the foundation for women's rights by the equality they shared with men, as compared to their married and highly controlled counterparts with no actual rights to speak of.

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Epic song in the background.

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irish,germans,atmosphere,music this will be EPIC

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Valkirye22: :lol: ..... all I have to say :P

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ahh it would be sooo cool walking in the bordel take out and MP40 and waste the germans one by one :D Who knows maybe ever girls are armed like in Cranck 2 xD

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Could be nice with a bit of action. This game reminds me so much of the movie inglorious bastards, god knows whether it's a coincidence or planned thing, But i think it's gonna be great.

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It would be nice to show some action instead of this. Anyways this game looks great and I'm most likely gonna pick it up day 1.

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A walking simulator?

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can't wait for this game :D

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walk it up, frenchie style!

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@H.A.V.O.K : I have pointed out that you have to see other videos to see the bad engine I am talking about .Anyway when you are going to be attracted to this game of course you will not say that you liked the girls or not but instead you are going to be attracted with out noticing .Believe me it is very advanced psychology issue in marketing

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HCL2: I suppose your horribly structured pm to me was supposed to make me feel stupid and like a dog because I approved of the video? For one, before you assume to know what someone is thinking why dont you read the freakin post I made? I agreed with just about everyone else on this thread in the fact that this video was a pointless news post. Second, the only thing I said about the girls was in making a joke that they're really pushing the hell out of this "edgy" image they're trying to put out on this game. Your rather confusing comment about speed and what not, I failed to see what that had to do with the gaming engine at all, why dont you scroll down and see how many have agreed with my comment and disagreed with yours?

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@Gelugon: quote "night club culture" can date all the way back to ancient Rome, they just werent called nightclubs, they were basically legalized brothels.

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If you guys found the video on the site by its own, this probably looks a little weird. It's meant to be watched alongside a Q&A we just did on the game's art design: << LINK REMOVED >>

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@H-A-V-O-K: it seems that the psychology game is working to some of us here.illustrating pretty girls to make our satisfaction

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@Gelugon_baat I assure you clubs like these did exist in the 1940s Paris. Ever heard of red light district?

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Tu viens mon chéri ? Wow that was some gameplay footage, very cheesy, very French *LOL*

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Historically, night-club culture like this isn't really in WWII. In any case, it does not look severely out of place either.

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It's what I've always dreamed of: a 1940's France version of a GTA strip club. Thank you, Pandemic. Seriously though, that was a completely pointless video. I guess "gameplay video" doesn't mean we'll be shown someone actually playing the game anymore.

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@HCL2: I'm also left wondering if you even know how a game engine works...

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The game looks great but what? are they trying to make it look "edgy" because its at a club? :lol: cmon guys wake me when you have something good.

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Yeah, i don't get the reason for calling this an "update". We all knew that the main character had legs and was capable of walking. This showed nothing. Still can't wait to play the game though.

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Have you noticed the fast and the unbelievable speed that the man will get into when he will be at the fighting mode.This might indicate something unprofessional about the game engine. IF you want to check see other game play movies.

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Have any body saw "WET" game it is a bad one and I think that this game is going be something a like.

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Did I miss the point of this vid or there was none in the first place?

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45 secs? That's it? Boooo.........

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That fake Irish accent is gonna get right on my t!ts. How hard would it have been to find a genuine Irish voice actor for the part?

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hooray for boobs.