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The Redemption Of No Man's Sky

After spending some time with No Man's Sky's Next update, Peter, Rob and Mike share their initial impressions and marvel at not just their own, but other people's discoveries.

No Man's Sky's Next update has reinvigorated our love for Hello Games' space exploration game. Many of us have jumped back into No Man's Sky for the first time in months or picked it up for our very first playthrough. We're discovering new features every day, and most of us are loving every second of it. In the video above, Rob, Peter, and Mike discuss what they've been discovering in No Man's Sky Next update.

Next adds several big changes to No Man's Sky, the most notable of which comes in the form of true multiplayer support. You can now join your friends in your adventures amongst the stars or team up with strangers to combat space pirates. Base building and crafting have also gotten several upgrades, and there's a noticeable uptick to No Man's Sky's visuals that reinvigorates the now two-year-old game. New story missions continue to push you into exploring the unknown, adding photography, feeding, freighter attack and defense, archaeology, and hunting variants to No Man's Sky formula.

Players are discovering plenty of weird details added to No Man's Sky as well, including an unsettling alien that resembles the xenomorph from Alien. We've also found a pretty drab planet that was almost entirely devoid of color. The update, like the game itself, is quite expansive, so it remains to be seen what other mysteries could await.

We don't think there's any question of whether you should be giving No Man's Sky another chance, but with all the changes, you might want to consider starting a new save. Taking a temporary trip back to square one is a nice way of getting acquainted with all the new mechanics and features Next has to offer.

No Man's Sky recently launched on Xbox One, and the free Next update is available for that version as well as PS4 and PC.