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The Red Lantern Is Oregon Trail With Sled Dogs | PAX East 2020 Gameplay

Deciding whether to hunt, camp, or explore the wilderness could be the end of you in this sled dog-focused narrative adventure.

The Red Lantern is a harrowing survival game set in the wild white north, asking you to survive using nothing more than your wits and a pack of sled dogs. Think The Oregon Trail, but instead of your sister dying of dysentery, your favorite dog could get attacked by a bear. It consists mostly of menu prompts asking you to hunt for wild game, make camp, or inspect hazards and points of interest.

Your dogs have their own personality traits, with unique strengths and weaknesses. The lead dog Chomper loves to chase squirrels and will rarely ignore them. Another has a fear of loud noises. Each of them excels at one of three traits, making them excellent natural hunters, faster sled dogs, or naturally curious about the world and able to sniff out secrets. Managing your pack's physical and mental health adds an extra wrinkle through the lonely landscape. And yes, you can give scritches, as seen in the video above.

The Red Lantern is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020. Check out our PAX East 2020 hub for more intriguing indie titles like this.