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The Predator Spoiler Talk Review

The Predator is in theaters now, directed by Shane Black and starring Olivia Munn. Mike and Chris give their spoiler filled reviews of the new movie!

The Predator is in theaters and we have some serious thoughts about this latest installment of the 30-year-old franchise. In the film, a new cast of characters go toe-to-toe with the vicious alien hunters in a total gore-fest that leaves practically everyone dead.

If you've seen The Predator or don't care about being spoiled, you're in the right place because in the video above we dig into every little detail we loved and hated about the movie. That said, this is your last warning: From here on out, we're dealing with massive spoilers for The Predator.

Overall, if you're going into this movie looking for crazy fights between humans and Predators, along with the right amount of blood splatter done in very creative ways, The Predator has a lot of what you're looking for. Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) leads his ragtag group of misfit soldiers into battle against the aliens and the result of the super violent chaos you'd come to expect from this franchise.

Unfortunately, that's where the good stuff ends. The story of The Predator is a total mess. One Predator comes to Earth to give humanity a weapon to use against other Predators. According to the lengthy exposition dumps stationed throughout the movie, this is because the Predators are coming to our planet to harvest the DNS of the best humans to incorporate into their own genetics, thus making their species stronger.

They're doing it now because global warming is going to wipe out the planet within two generations. Yes, the movie makes that claim. Still, if that Predator wanted to actually help the humans, why not bring them something that helps with the whole global warming problem?

There's a number of things like this that simply don't add up, leading to a messy story. Still, none of it's as messy as the ending of the film. Director Shane Black has already talked about how there were reshoots of the film's third act to make it take place at night, rather than during the day. Unfortunately, those reshoots led to CGI that looks unfinished and a timeline that makes no sense.

Still, as many problems as there are with The Predator, there's still some classic moments that will stand the test of time in this franchise--including the first couple Predator battle scenes. That one in the lab, where he rips apart scientists, is especially fun to watch.

What did you think of The Predator? Let us known in the comments below!