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The Power Of Cosplay

(Presented by League of Legends) Just why do cosplayers choose to cosplay? The answer often involves much more than a simple desire to dress up as your favorite character.

There are many ways to embrace a love of a video game, whether that's by playing it, watching it be played, or dressing up as characters from it. But cosplay is about much more than just putting on an outfit.

In the latest episode of GameSpot Chronicle, we explore the world of cosplay and talk with some of the best League of Legends cosplayers to find out exactly why they've invested so much into the art. We chat about their passion and the creative lengths they go to in embracing cosplay.

The level of creativity involved with cosplay is incredible. The complexity involved in crafting these outfits can require a tremendous amount of planning, ingenuity, and hard work. In the video, you'll hear about the planning involved and how cosplayers can sometimes be overwhelmed by their own plans.

In addition to the design element, we also explore how cosplay can further foster the connection these fans have with their favorite characters. And beyond that, cosplay has helped to forge new friendships, giving convention attendees something to immediately bond over.

Check out the full episode of Chronicle above. For even more, check out our previous episodes on how gaming can change your life and the science behind esports.

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Your video player is crappy. Just embed youtube.

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I find it hard to believe people enjoy cosplay' freaking useless and BORING. And no my comment isn't useless and boring either.

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@clay544888: and yet so so many does. also what you mean useless and boring? if they are having fun and love making amazing costumes then its clearly not useless or boring. it might be to you but that doesnt change the fact that its not the case for those that actually do cosplay.

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I like dressing up like Master Chief and playing Destiny

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The merit of cosplaying usually is how good the looks are (yes, cosplayer included). You'll see pretty posers with good wigs catching more looks.