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The Most Disturbing Pokemon In The Pokedex

For all the happy-go-lucky Pokemon out there, the series has plenty of actual monsters too--Sword & Shield are no exception. These are the darkest Pokedex entries in the series.

With the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch, there are now nearly 900 different species of Pokemon out there. While the series is well known for its cute monsters--after all, Pikachu has been the adorable face of the franchise ever since it made its explosive debut in the late '90s--there are also some Pokemon that are much, much grimmer than you'd probably expect from a kids' game.

In the video above, we share some of the most messed-up Pokemon in the series based on their Pokedex entries. From Pokemon that carry around the faces they had when they were alive to those that lure the souls of children away, these entries prove the Pokemon world is much more horrific than its wholesome image would have you believe.

Sword and Shield are the latest entries in the series, and they introduce a bunch of messed up Pokemon of their own, keeping the tradition alive. You can read what we thought about the games in our Pokemon Sword and Shield review.