The Most Disappointing Games of 2014 In 2 Minutes

Seb and Cam jump in to break down their gaming disappointments of 2014 in almost two minutes. What they lack in timing, they make up for in sadness.

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Assassin's creed was just disappointing --- PERIOD! Wait, they're complaining Watch dogs wasn't completely hackable? That's so terrible (NOT!)

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2014 in games = how your mom feels about you--go!!

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Are they all in 60 fps now? How long has this been going on!

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They obviously forgot Dragon Age Inquisition...

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@LordCrash88 What? Inquisition is amazing! I only bought it for PC a week ago and I'm hooked, already played it for 24 hours. The first one was okish, the second was crap, but inquisition is brilliant. The graphics are the best I've seen (pc version) it's funny that Bioware can make better use of the Frostbite engine than Dice can...

For me Inquisition is the biggest shock of the year, no videos or reviews sold it for me. In the end I took a punt and I'm so glad I did. Maybe it's just not your sort of game, but how it can be classed a rubbish is beyond me... : /

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I could do "the most disappointing games of 2014 in 2 seconds"

discluding the 9 second intro and 4 second outro, it would simply be in large white lettering "ALL OF THEM" and then fade to black over the 2 seconds.

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So how do we hear the full story about a bare ass lion ride?

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Destiny was the biggest disappointment for me personally. I bought a PS4 for that game, and then realized it was crap.

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next year itll be "the Division"

EDIT: well "this year"

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@ezraeill I have a feeling you are right, but I don't want you to be.

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I began to suspect Destiny and Watchdogs weren't going to live up to their respected hype months before their release so I can't say I was too burned by them. Titanfall and AC Unity I weren't really looking forward to in the first place. The two games that really dissapointed me though were sunset overdrive and thief. Thief I straight up didn't buy after seeing quite a bit of bad reviews, but it was a game I was very much excited for. Sunset Overdrive was a game I was looking forward to as well, however it felt like a subpar 6th gen game. Boring mission design, repetitive gameplay and forced/cringeworthy attempts at humor killed this game for me.

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Your collective awkwardness is very entertaining. Looking forward to next year.

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Pretty sure that was more than 2 minutes.

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Thief has to be one of the biggest failures of this year, if only for the fact that it was not only half-cooked, but so forgettable I'd completely forgotten about it until I watched this video.

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"...all the joy I go was tarnished by the shoddy performance"

...just like Gamespot's video player.

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I know Ubisoft really disappointed this year, especially with Watch Dogs and Unity, but at least FC4 was just as good as its predecessor, which is really all I needed from the franchise.

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Games I was disappointed by; Project Conundrum, the only conundrum being how it so abjectly failed to use its sole interesting mechanic well, and Lords of the Fallen, which has mostly been Lords of the Falling Through the Level or Crashing to Desktop.

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Master Chief Crap Collection. Crap Online.

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everyone is entitled to their opinions and i am that one guy who respect other people's opinions and comments because i have respect for all of you on here. to me though, Assassin's Creed Unity is a great game and for those who disagree with me i am alright with that. i really love all of the Assassin's Creeds and hope they continue. Watch Dogs was a super wonderful, to me anyway because the game play was awesome, the missions were kick ass, and the game was incredibly good and long... like i said, people are entitled to their opinions and i REALLY DO respect that because if you don't respect theirs, how can you expect to respect yours...

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@videogamer008 ACU runs like crap on everything, so I havent played it yet.

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@Mantan911 @videogamer008 i think you havent played since the patch...

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@videogamer008 Other peoples impressions and opinions can be valuable sources of information, but to follow too closely those of people whose desires and expectations will rarely be the same as ours can lead to missing out on experiences that are personally rewarding. Well said, VG.

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I thought I recognised the back of Cam's head. Ahhhh jail...

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Interesting that they did not mention Alien Isolation. Perhaps in retrospect Gamespot realizes the review was totally botched and off the mark.

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@Qixote That game was kick ass.

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@Qixote didn't mention because it's a cool-ass game

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The most disappointing game for me was LBP 3. I had high hopes for it, and it just didn't measure up to any of the others in the series.

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I am disappointed by Diablo 3, I feel like a 2 year old could mash their way through the game. Its just way too easy.

I found Destiny to be just "OK" when I played the demo. I will wait for the GOTY edition with all the DLC.

I purchased Battlefield 4 this year which is a lot of fun, but Premium is just not that great. the map design is pretty mediocre compared to the stock maps.

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@beermonger7 when i tried Diablo 3 it was the biggest gaming let down of my life. nothing like the 1st 2 diablos. with the big new update and expansion this year they were supposed to improve the game significantly but it still sucks.

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lol "FAIL". Lets admit it, it was a crappy year for gaming. Was probably the biggest hype year, and then all potentially good games were delayed to 2015 and everything else kinda sucked.

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@GunEye Original Sin, Far Cry 4, Inquisition, Wolfenstein, Dark Souls 2, Wasteland 2, Advanced Warfare. lots of great games this year.

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@elessarGObonzo I could name dozens of other great games besides. Bad year for high profile failures, not a bad year for games in general.

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@Verenti Well I don't entirely agree with you. I have played about 25 hours and I would't say I do things mindlessly, because everywhere I go I see new sights/things and that keeps me interested. The plot is not as good as in DA Origins, but it is still a good game.

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@vanvir1 Well I agree with you. I think the game does feel like a single player MMO, but the content is, for the most part, very well thought through, and the systems connect it all into the campaign in a way I find satisfying. I like that though there is alot to do, you need not do things you don't find interesting (I basically ignored the side quests in entire areas if it didn't appeal to me), you'll still be able to rack up power doing things you like. I got the game Monday and have almost 40 hours so far, and I'm finding it by far the most engaging Bioware game yet.

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@Verenti @NoFear87 What I find bizarre is that either one of you associated what I currently think of the game to what I think they could have turned the game into are the same thing.

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I love watching shows with those two. Seb and Cam should do more shows together.

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Thanks to GameSpot UK (onscreen and off screen staff) for all the content in 2014. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! See you all again in our next revolution around the sun.

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Sacred 3 is the fail of the year

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@JPL1982 That game should be called 3, because it had nothing to do with any Sacred I've played.

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Sounds like my sex life: in 2 minutes. JK!

I don't have a sex life. :(

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@R3NeGaDeAnGeL don't worry pal, you go get it, it won't come to you.

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They went over the time limit and didn't get a chance to mention that re-releases were at an all time high, meant as a substitute for good new games. Most of my time with my new PS4 has been spent with Diablo III and GTA V.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is basically an MMO. If the entire game was multiplayer like Divinity: Original Sin, but with realtime battle, it would have turned in into basically Diablo and that would have been interesting. Especially if you keep your own player. You'd basically need to play single player just to get the banter from your party members, exactly like Diablo 3. Right now it's just boring.

I like Unity, but yeah, it was a bit of a disappointment how badly it performed. I'm currently holding out playing again until the next patch on PC.

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@Kryptonbornson Whilst I won't agree with the other chap who called your comment "retarted" I will say you're very wide of the mark with what you consider an MMO to be. Diablo is not an MMO, DA:I isn't even close to being an MMO.

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>Dragon Age: Inquisition is basically an MMO

Reported for being the most retarted comment of the year.

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@NoFear87 @Kryptonbornson lol he called someone "retarted". F'ing genius.

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@NoFear87 @Kryptonbornson "Retarted"??? Spell check is especially important when questioning another person's intelligence.

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Why? 90% of the game was mindless filler content in which they stripped out the plot in favour of "wide open" vistas. Most of the game's content involves doing the same missions repeatedly for power points, because they locked away the tradition content behind this farmville-eske system. Mostly because, if you played all the traditional RPG content back to back (plot, story, characterisations) you'd finish the game in about five hours. Sounds like an MMO to me.