The Most Anticipated Games of Q1 2016 - The Lobby

Wondering what's coming out between now and the end of March? We detail all the biggest games coming to PC and consoles this quarter.

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Star Citizen....oh seriously mean wait about 10 more years.

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No mention of Resident Evil Origins but they mentioned Heavy Rain kind of surprised.

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Street Fighter V and XCOM 2!

The other games they talked about looks promising...But I'm not sold yet on any of them.

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Is dark souls 3 out by the end of march? If so thata easily my most anticipated game for Q1. Otherwise its garden warfare 2 or the division.

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XCOM 2, by far, definitely :) Replaying Silent Storm: Sentinels right now, I'm that hungry for a good tactical TB strategy. Hopefully the destruction system will be more detailed this time around. After the ballistic cover destruction in SS:S, the cover destruction in XCOM Enemy Unknown feels really simple.

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For me..


Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen PC - 15th | Blade and Soul - 19 jan | Darkest Dungeon - 19 jan | Rise of the Tomb Raider - 29 jan | Slain - 29 jan

February: Tales of Symphonia - 1st feb | XCOM 2 - 5 feb feb | Firewatch - 9 feb | Pillars of Eternity White March Part 2 - 16 feb | Street Fighter 5 - 16th |

Yeah..pretty packed.

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I so ready for Street Fighter 5 and The Division!!

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Yeah... 2016 is gonna be a good year. (the release dates are mostly speculation)

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Damn, just a quick mention of Garden Warfare 2. :/

I have a feeling that game is gonna surprise a lot of people. Based on how great the first one is and Garden Warfare 2 is just an even bigger version of the first game I fully expect 9/10's across the board.

The only thing holding this title back is that people see it as a joke, but the real joke is that this game has more content than any other shooter released this gen. Not to mention there's no season pass because the DLC is free.

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@brn-dn: hard to mention all the games, but I PvZ Garden Warfare surprised a lot of people already so I think they can expect a solid sequel.

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This show is really hard to find on release day... right now I can only watch this clip because it's the only separate clip uploaded to the website, and the full episode is nowhere to be seen when I look under Videos>>Lobby. Seems like you need to visit the site in the small window where it'll have a direct link to the live streaming on the main page of the site. Otherwise you gotta wait until after it's aired and someone uploads the full version.

Make it easier to watch The Lobby... that's all I'm asking! (it's also very possible I'm missing something, but this always happens to me...)

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@nl_skipper Just wanted to say this..I can't find this show on the site or on youtube. I don't understand why it's so hard to find the whole video.

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@Darkhol0w: and @nl_skipper sorry for the trouble with finding the full VoD. Since we don't have our normal setup and studio we've been having to shoot these differently. We're hoping next week we can go live and you'll have the full show before the segments. Thanks for your patience.

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@Erick: Sounds great, thanks for the info.

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@Erick Good to know, thanks for the reply!