The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan - Developer Diary

Check out a developer diary exploring the continuation of The Lord of the Rings Online’s epic story in Riders of Rohan.

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Why in the world doesn't this game lose it's movie-trilogy-rooted and contrived dogmatic weapon-alignment system so that I can play it without just gagging?

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how can you pre-purchase when its f2p??

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Every dev diary, trailer and gameplay footage i see of this brings me one step closer to giving this game a second shot. I LOVE well made traditional MMO's like WoW - but WoW lost its lore to goofyness and Pandas. LOTR on the other hand looks so well crafted and full of ... Well Middle-earth ;)

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A really good game, who is actually f2p. If you dont spend your points on funny hats and other irrelevant items that is.