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The Last of Us Part 2's New Additions Make For Tougher And More Brutal Combat

Jake and Phil provide their in-depth impressions of The Last of Us Part II after getting hands-on with the PS4-exclusive.

Naughty Dog has made some big tweaks, changes, and improvements in The Last of Us Part 2, particularly in the area of its stealth and combat systems. At a preview event in Los Angeles, we got hands-on with the game for the first time, where we saw how the new additions to Ellie's mobility and agility, with abilities like climbing and crawling, are going to change how you sneak around enemies--and how you defeat them.

We also saw a major new addition to the threats you'll face in Part 2, in the form of attack dogs. These bloodhounds join The Last of Us' human enemies and make a serious change to stealth in the game, thanks to the fact that they can smell Ellie. With dogs tracking you through various environments, you'll need to be much more mobile in Part 2, but encounter design offers lots of options with cover, interiors, and pathways you can crawl or climb through to keep murderous survivors from pinning you down.

Check out our full hands-on preview of The Last of Us Part 2 for many more details from our time with the game. You might also be interested in details about how Naughty Dog will make you feel bad about killing people in Part 2, and some hilarious NSFW Easter eggs we discovered during our play session.