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The Last Of Us Part 2 Spoiler Chat

THIS VIDEO CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS Now that The Last Of Us Part 2 is out, the GameSpot staff sit down to discuss the twists, turns, and surprises of Naughty Dog's latest PlayStation 4 adventure.

The Last of Us Part II is now available on PS4, and a few of us here at GameSpot have had a chance to play through it--some of us multiple times--and even get some Platinums along the way. In the above video, Jake Dekker, Kallie Plagge, Jordan Ramée, and Edmond Tran discuss the game in all its spoilery glory. And yes, we spoil everything. Watch at your own risk!

The crew starts from the very beginning and goes through the highs and lows of The Last of Us Part II's story. Jake shares his experience playing on Survivor difficulty; Kallie explains her review in more detail; Jordan shares his interpretation of the Seraphites; Ed talks about how much he loves Jesse; and more!

We have two versions of our Last of Us Part II review: one with spoilers and one without. If you are watching this video, it's likely you're comfortable with spoilers, so we encourage you to read the spoiler version of the review for Kallie's more detailed analysis and full explanations of what exactly she meant in the spoiler-free version.