The Last of Us "Hush" Trailer

In the first of a new five-part making of series, developer Naughty Dog takes a look at the origin and characteristics of the Infected.

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The guy looks like an older Nate Drake....and at the end "It's called luck, and it's gonna run out" reminded me of Rick from

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Game looks good. Day one buy for me. I also think it should be in the GOTY nominations

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does anyone know why the infected dont react to light at all? is it cause the fungus covers their eyes and they dont even see anymore?

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@polishfish They talked about the infected in an earlier interview, where they said the infected go blind after a few weeks or so.

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looking forward to checkin this game out... has a lot of potential

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Those designs are fantastic! The zombie apocalypse setting is getting hard to take serious outside of "The Walking Dead", so I'm glad they found this sort of unique work around.

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Love how PS releases great new exclusive even in the build up year to the next gen... that's providing for your customers.

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Fungal Zombies - yeah okay at least these guys are actually drawing upon real world stuff in a semi-believable way, still it's a post apocalypse zombie game.

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the design of those monsters is awesome

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looks awsommm

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Good. No zombies.

Tired of zombie games. They're getting old fast.

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This "click" sound concept is "borrowed" from the movie The Grudge. So Kayako's legacy lives xD

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@Salehjamal or Dolphins.

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@timoteo2k1 @Salehjamal or bats...

or actual blind people who snap their fingers to sense walls/cars nearby...but i'm glad you're happy about The Grudge

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That's exctly what i thought when i saw the trailer lol.

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Summer 2012 was definitely not too late to get a PS3 :D

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Naughty Dog and quality always seem to go hand in hand. I love that Sony embraces developers that focus on a strong narrative in games. No more mindless progression. You become attached, emotionally invested in the game and it's rewarding. Kudos!

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The lucky bugger that got to look for all those images of skin diseases and fungi. :-L

Can't believe this is the first I'm hearing that the Infected will use echo location. That really does add an interesting new angle to this game. Still cannot wait.

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OK now I really want this game. Glad they decided to do something other than zombies. I wonder how deep of a background they are going with for these infected people. Perhaps how some of them actually want to die and not live as a carrier for this spore creature?

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SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have such an itch right now.

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Thats absolutely digusting. I have a phobia about skin diseases and skin fungus...

Doesn't make me want to play this game any less though ;v

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My faith in this game has been rejuvenated... a bit. I'm more interested in unhitching the corpses from the wall though. So your objective isn't necessarily to kill the Infected but to stop others from becoming infected. Also am curious to see if it affects other animals (in the game)

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It's a shame, that PC game makers, make them possible also for consoles, but, for, instance PS3 can't do the same for PC

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@ElistersK What? example please

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@Papp-CASS_777 @ElistersK For Instance "Irrational Games", who made Bioschock, which is a PC game developer, made Bioschoks possible for PS3. And what does "exclusive" mean in this context?

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@Incubus420 @Black_Pander @ElistersK @Papp-CASS_777 FACT

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@PlatinumPaladin @Incubus420 I wanted to say, that obviously I'm not that naive to believe, that this particular game would come out on PC :) Didn't sign a petition or something :) I was simply wondering if a "hand rubs hand" (is that the expression?) could be a cool idea.

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@Incubus420 That's pretty conclusive. :-)
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@Black_Pander @ElistersK @Papp-CASS_777 Naughty Dog is a First party developer that gets published by Sony. They make games only for Sony. This is their game and it will only be available to Sony PlayStation 3. This will never come out on a PC.

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@ElistersK @Papp-CASS_777 exclusive means that sony own the rights. therefore, it is being exclusively for the ps3. there's no physical reason for this, it's just a part of a legal contract

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@ElistersK @Papp-CASS_777

yeah I dont recall being able to play diablo, or world of warcraft on my ps3. certain companys make certain games for certain systems.

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@ElistersK its a Sony exclusive why even make a comment like that. I play on PC to but I fail to see any sort of point here or logic. Exclusives are made to sell that console or brand.

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Really hungry after watching this.

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Can't wait for this game.

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Thats disgusting.

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The fungus creeps me out

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@chrisbeaumont the real thing is creepier:

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@Black_Pander @chrisbeaumont This game will be amazing on so many levels. I just hope it's as hard/challenging as I think it will be....Thanks for the Planet Earth video. It brings me back to the early days of Blu-Ray. Planet Earth was the first or second Blu-ray I ever watched.

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@Incubus420 @Black_Pander @chrisbeaumont haha same here I remember being blown away by the crispness of Planet Earth blue-ray on my Bravia TV

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So we have to worry about infected, fungi humans, AND the girl from The Grudge ??

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I wish it was June :(

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I thought this game was going to be another zombie game but yeah it's looking pretty different, will get this

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Nooo! I really want to play this game because it Naughty Dog quality and it looked adventure-y, but now it looks scary... and I totally don't have the spine to play through dark corridors filled with not-really-zombies...

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@queuing_for_PS4 March 26, 2013 says hello from Columbia.

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Naughty Dogs development is definitely refreshing us outside of the the typical COD fanboy status and I appreciate their creativity!

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