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WOW! after seeing this i really want to play this game ...... :)

NAUGHTY DOG >> u people are truly taking gaming experience to the next level

language used >>freaking CooL

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Hoooooooooooooly shit. With the exception of Rockstar titles, I don't think I've ever seen motion capture and voice acting of this quality in a game. Naughty Dog are hitting it out of the park. I hope the other developers who make games with great gameplay and sub-sub-par storytelling sit up and take notice. This is where the medium should be going. There's no excuse for it not to.

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it has me wondering if it's going to be linear like Uncharted, semi open world like Manhunt or full sandbox like GTA.

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scrappy girl, lol

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I'm loving it more ,so amazing without any doubt

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I think the older guy will end up dying and they are giving the player control of the girl in the last mission

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This game looks so amazing... I really don't see any other game beating The Last of Us for game of the year next year...

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@FF9000 Bioshock Infinite definitely could.

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Has better graphics than uncharted 3, that's for sure :)

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Nice cutscene, I wonder if there is a way you can keep from setting off his traps, altering the cutscenes content... prob not, but oh well...

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Great cut scene to lead into a fetch-quest-and-escort mission.

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Might as well be a movie...

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I've been following this game since it was announced, and I'm really interested! The only problem I have is the overuse of profanity in the screenwriting. It's bothered me since E3. I really don't have a problem with swearing, but after a while it becomes unnatural when it's overly used. Most people don't actually curse that much. As I said before, I don't have a problem with profanity, but maybe Naughty Dog should keep some of it out. Uncharted was perfectly fine without an overuse of swearing.

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@SpiritWarStudio it's a post apocalyptic world and i doubt they have use for swear jars as the economy is none existent : ) The profanity is in place and exactly as it should be, the little girl grew up in the bleak environment that they are now and as such i doubt anyone would bother much about her potty mouth as long as she managed to stay alive. In the world, they depict in the game niceties are non existent and your neighbor could gladly stab you in the back for your resources. All society has broken down so It sets the right tone, i see no problem with the profanity.

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Noo!! I wanna see the rest. Man, I hate those cutscenes because I'm already 100% into that game when "The Last of Us" logo shows up I feel like awwww... MORE!

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Looks nice apart from facial expressions (which are much better in L.A Noire). I really hope this type of gameplay wont become a trend like in the 90's with those awful FMV-games.. Back then people realised after a while it was crap gameplay behind a nice looking surface, and the genre died off. Watch a movie if you haven't and be blown away by much better story and even more belivable actors ;)

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The new GOTY for naughty dog,,Is great how they look and move is almost real

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looks great but...after Bill gets hit with the pipe, he is nursing the wrong arm :p

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Wow what an awesome video. NOt a fan of survival games but this one looks really promising


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I have seen some gameplay videos of The Last of Us. The companion system and the deteriorating city being reclaimed by vegetation reminds me a little bit of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

I know Enslaved is a totally different game and genre but those 2 elements I've mentioned remind me a bit of that old, great but unappreciated game.

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This looks so freakin gorgeous. I need to pre order

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I will be adding this to my PS3 collection, but the more they try to emphasize emotion they more robotic the characters faces look. Heavy Rain was guilty of this, so is this.

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... and never forget, the PS3 uses hardware dating back to 2006. Compare this to PC games released in 2006 and you'll see just how ahead of its time the PS3 was back then.

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@Earthen80 STALKER Shadows of Chernobyl. Released 2007, developed since 2004. Most modded game for PC and by far the one of the best FPS games ever made.

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@Earthen80 How about i compare a PC that was made in 2006 with the ps3?

compare the specs that is and a well optimized multiplatform game?

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OOOOOOOOOH!! this game looks sexier than socks on a rooster

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LMFAO amen to that!

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I love it

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Freaking loved this. I hope they continue to released little tid bits like this throughout the remainder of time we have before the game becomes officially released. <3

Naughty Dog, you're total awesome-bad-sauce. I love all you guys! Keep cranking all these works out and I promise you, I will buy every single one of them the day they come out! <3

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Those powerful graphics shows how programmers build this in quality and laugh to the others who's only think for the next gen consoles and they don't how to use the lest power codes to build the most powerful graphics in the current gen console.

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interesting .. has a Walking Dead vibe to it

(The ones by Telltale games, not the tv show)

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this game looks awesome! also why is ellie such an ass?

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This is a big reason why games are soooooo much better than movies. I will always prefer games over movies. No wonder Hollywood is taking ideas from games as well as a lot of other places.

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@tightwad34 What What??

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I said what what, in the butt?

I said what what? Okeey! <3

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@korosaki-ichigo What what what???

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Naughty Dog has yet to disappoint me. Last of of Us will be awesome. Also Ellie is a bad ass.

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@ExplicitMike I totally agree with you! I can't wait to get this game. I really do not know if Beyond or The Last of Us are going to be better. than one or another. This is such an exciting game time! :)

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this obviously was to show the depth of characters, and yup...you guys have done a splendid job :)

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I can't believe how good this game is looking. Not only are the graphics probably the best I've seen on a console game it doesn't look like it will lack for a story just that scene there seemed so realistic of how someone might act in that situation.

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the true ellen page is in beyond, ellie looks like juno.

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Beards have never looked so good in a video game!

I only wish the dev team at Naughty Dog were immortal; what they have going is unbelievable!

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I don't really have much of an interest in Uncharted 2. This one though, I think it will be amazing.

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I really do like the Ucharted games, but I think they are a tad overrated. However, Naughty Dog as a dev team are not. Their games are really, really, really well made.

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@HiImUPSMan Ellen Page is hired by Quantic Dream, not Naughty Dog.