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can't f*king wait!

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i loved this game for the wii. if its $40for the ps3 i might consider it for the trophies and extra levels. one of the most disturbing endings EVER to a video game, but so funny at the same time.

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Don't we have enough zobie games? I mean im not saying its a bad game it's just that they do something new with our without the zombie frachise

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LOL ps3.. this game was meant for pc

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Congratulations to GameSpot for scoring this exclusive. :D

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I like it. Too bad i probably won't play it :\

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Rail shooters are extremely boring and redundant. I can't believe people are actually excited about this.

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I love me some House of the dead :D

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Its just mindless killing of the undead.. Works for me :D

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Everyone likes hammer time.

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Should be a very interesting multiplayer game!