The History of Quake

With the news that iD's beloved arena shooter is returning in the form of Quake Champions, Danny looks back at two decades or incredible first person action.

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You forgot Quake Live. Anyways... I love Quake. I installed Quake 3 on the work computers about a year ago. Most of the coworkers in the company are kids who never heard of the game. But regardless of how ugly they think it looks, they haven't stopped playing it every Friday after work. After 12 years of not playing it, I remembered it being fun... but forgot just how much fun it is. I love it! I hope Quake Champions feels that good.

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Great work Danny, your "history of" videos are always full of info but told in an easy to understand/follow along kinda way. Love em.

As for me, I was never really a "Quake fan" as I didnt play MP on PC when I was a kid. But interestingly enough, Quake is might be the only (or one 1) reason I made any friends when I moved to a new school. I never talked to anyone (or cared to), just went through the days til it would be all over and I could leave. That changed when one day in my HTML class, the kids were all talking about how someone put Quake 3 arena on the network there. After asking around for how to get in, practically the whole class was playing (when done with their work). Suddenly some people noticed/talked to me when I came in as #1 in a match (usually top 5 afterwards). It was great. I got to connect with other people through my favorite hobby, video games, and it was something I could easily talk about cause I was (and still am) so passionate about. Ahh, The power of Vidja Games!

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Excellent video. One small correction: Half Life was based on tech1 (Quake 1 engine) with heavy modifications.

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Upvoted before the video even started... cuz... Danny! :)

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Quake 4 looked beautiful and also had some very pretty multiplayer maps.I remember running around looking at the walls in awe! I was lucky to have assembled my PC that year so I could run it in relatively high quality.

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@winnazdaluza: i played it on a pentium 4 and a 120mb card. .. looked gorgeous

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I'm really gald to hear that there will be more shows like this one in the future. These shows were and are the main reason I keep coming back do GS, and they seem to be dying : /. Come on GS! We don't care about lame movies or those carppy mobile games. Keep it up! And Danny, as always, great job!

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Would love the return of classless arena gameplay!!

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''With the news that iD's beloved arena shooter is returning in the form of Quake Champions, Danny looks back at two decades or incredible first person action''

How do you miss seeing errors in the catchlines?

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My first Quake was Q3, so I would like Champions to be something special.

As someone who actually showed positive buzz for D00M (IV) I will do so here as well.


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Long live the original teamfortress for Quake 1. Nothing like 90's gaming with dialup. Good times!

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FPS everywhere! Somebody make it stop!

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I miss 'escape from mount stupid'. Immediately thought of your 'history of id' episode when I seen the title of this. Gamespot don't do enough of these types of shows anymore, in fact, they don't seem to do any, and they where my favourite part of this site. It's unfortunate that so many of the people who made the shows are gone now, but Danny generally made the best ones anyway, so how's about getting the point back to a weekly occasion. Great video anyway.

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These are actually posted to YouTube as well by GS.

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Played all Quake and Doom except for Enemy Territory. My favourite is Q2. Probably because it was my initiation in online gaming. Funny thing though is that I totally forgot about Q4's existance. Even seeing the video only brought back vague memories. I even had to look in my cabinet of games to see if I do own it. And yes, I do have it, so I must have played it ;)

I remember Doom 3 as being not that great, but i didnt rememer Q4 at all!!

Anyway I'm looking forward very much for the new quake. I don't think it'll have to compete too much with overwatch (which i love btw) the style and speed is traditionally vastly different.

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Now playing Quake 4 on the PC on the hardest difficulty. Great FPS.

Also finished DOPA campaign on Nightmare.

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Look at the blood...look at the bubbles...look at the blood and bubbles. Classic Danny.

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danny's videos are the best

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If you guys are doing a History of Ratchet & Clank, don't forget Going Mobile and Before the Nexus!

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Hurray! Moar Bluffer's Guide!!

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I'm now trying to finish Quake 4 at the hardest difficulty and it's harder than Doom at Nightmare.

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@jj2112: Good luck! I never finished 4. While I finished 1 and 2 multiple times and played 3 for years, Quake 4 never really got my attention.

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@ahpuck: It's surprisingly good. And hard.

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@jj2112: no it's not haha

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@turretx7: Um, I'm playing both at the same time now. Doom at Nightmare difficulty without sights, autoaim or glory kill highlights and it's not even close to Quake 4. Of course, I'm playing on console and aiming is hell.

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Danny's history of games videos are so great. I look forward to more of them.

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Quake 4 had an epic single player campaign, I hope the next Quake will too, I do not buy anymore multiplayer only games.

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@phili878: I loved the campaign of that game too. Never touched the MP because I already have a MP focused game: Quake 3.

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Well, the big change at least for me with the first one you could use the mouse and wasd. I didn't think it was as "fun" as the first 2 Dooms but it was good. The second one I really liked. I had to buy a new video card for it (on Tom's Hardware I remember he recommended a card that could get a resolution that allowed you to kill people across the map with the rail gun). The multiplayer on Quake 2 was probably the most I played on an fps (not really even an fps fan. Prefer Rpg).

I actually wish they made the first Quake an action Rpg. Interesting prospect.

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I need more of this, Danny... and Random Encounter!

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@plastiqueworld: yes!!! I miss those hatoful boyfriend episodes xD xD

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ZOMG Escape From Mount Stupid?! =O

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Look at that kind of fast gameplay (Q2 & 3), that is what I want in modern shooters. The last Doom title was a step up from all the other shooters but still to slow. Unfortunately we will never get a shooter this fast again as long as there will be a console version. These speeds are unplayable for most with a controller.

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@kadaverhagga: The new quake runs at 120fps

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@ps3gamer1234: What does fps have to do with game speed?

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Good looking out, Danny.

I remember when a Quake FAQ was being passed around before the game came out, the way news would travel pre-internet. You'd download the newest version of a FAQ which included rumors from Usenet and .plan updates, with a heapin' helpin' of bullshit.

According to one FAQ I read, Quake was going to be a seamless open world RPG that had object permanence, real body physics, such as holding up dead enemies or restraining live ones to act as a shield, stacking bodies like sandbags for defense, hand to hand combat like Virtua Fighter, caves and other areas you could seamlessly enter, and it was supposed to be more medieval.

Quake did provide a very good basis for true 3D gaming on PCs, trying to simulate physics, shadows and lighting, 3D structures, and did so much for its time.

The way it handles models and texture mapping is the basis of what games do today, and the way they would strive to simulate as much of professional 3D graphics hardware on crappy PCs at the time is mind boggling. id always had amazing tech.

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I highly doubt they'll ever make anything nearly as good as the original Quake. It was dark, terrifying and so very unique. The Lovecraftian atmosphere set it apart from virtually every other FPS ever made and the game handled so beautifully. If they ditched the generic theme of hostile aliens and went back to the root of what made the original so absorbing, I would gladly give them my money.

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@Warhearted: Agree. Loved Quake, modded it to hell and was playing it for years afterwards. Didn't really get on with any of the others. Just didn't feel right.

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Team Fortress was so much fun. The aesthetic, the sound, so much nostalgia!

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was awful. They didn't even get the controls right. Clicking the left stick should make me run. Instead, it was mapped to something else, and it couldn't be changed.

I bought it, played it for a half hour, and quickly returned it. It sucked HARD.

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Incredible feature. I loved Quake 2, a very influential game of my gaming life. And I loved Quake 4 because it followed Quake 2 universe and made a nice lore explanation. Honestly, can't say wich one is my favorite, all Quake games gave me so much fun. Even Quake 1 when I purchased it on 2010 on a whim. First Person Shooter Institution here people!

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Quake Champions is gonna be trash and shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as any of the other games called Quake, not even the abominable Quake 2 or 3.

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Great video.

One thing I think may have been relevant is Quake Live and the (optional) changes implemented to make it more accessible for a modern audience - which will probably be a mentality imported over to Quake Champions.

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danny is back , hell yeah , make gamespot great again ¿?¿? :P

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Been waiting for this feature. Thanks a lot Danny!