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The Pegassi looks quite good. Bit like a Bat-mobile but still nice lol

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I so want to play GTA online now, but at work. When did this video release ? i could not find a date. Thnx

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i heard the next update will allow male and female online players to hookup, just like picking up prostitutes.

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I remember R* saying on their newswire that they were thinking of doing the payouts in installments to avoid giving players one lump sum.

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Is it safe to assume you guys were waiting for this update to come along before continuing GTA Diaries? We still haven't got the sequel to Extreme Selfies Pt.2 have we?

I think it's actually a pretty cool update. I love the new Lamborghini, and I especially love the new Ace Ventura Captain Compost motion.

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Still no heists. LOL. This online mode is making tens of millions of dollars in microtransactions and they they still can't add the one feature they hyped us about most.

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That's because the heists will probably have the highest payouts and that'll cut into those micro transactions that they are making so much money from.....

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Best update of them all. This game is next-level awesome!

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@jimmy_russell No it's not, it's boring and repetitive.

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@jimmy_russell You're a jag off

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What are you talking about? It was just new cars that many can't afford and some new apartments that people could care less...

We've been waiting for heists since the release and that still hasn't came.

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@bldgirsh 800K car? that is done in 3 hours of quests and survivals. Not that unafordable.

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I like it, but I think having Ai kills count towards your "Mental State" is a bad idea. The group I play with constantly fights Ai and has GTA fun, but we almost never try to harass other players or constantly grief people. It'd be a shame to get the wrong rating when you really never attack actual people.

Ai < Humans

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Still enjoying GTA V.