The Gun Show - Crossbow from Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Chris Watters shows how medieval technology combined with shocks, gasses, emps, and noises can make Sam Fisher crazy sneaky.

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The Gun Show
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this is gonna sounds really dumb, do you aim down the sights in this game? I've been playing for a while now with scoped assault rifles and I can't seem to aim down the sights. When I hold Left trigger the camera stays 3rd person and it's not a very accurate shot.

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this show gets worse every episode

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Chris you are killing me! good show man! you're the best. I am going to buy this game for the PC.

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Fix the Wepon of the Week thing, it's weird, lol, knew I hadn't gone insane and other people saw it too.

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@Daian Should be fixed now! Whoops!

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@Chris_Watters @Daian I think you should keep that for novelty's sake.

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This is the best game I've ever played since Chaos Theory!!!!

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The only weapon that TRUE Splinter Cell players use is called 'Hostiles Undisturbed Bonus'... But I'll be damned if it isn't fun to break out the Honey Badger when things go sour!

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Crossbows are awesome! No license required.

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I miss the awesomeness of Crysis 3's and Bioshock infinite's the gun show . The gun show and feedbackula had really gone downhill since they become everyweek-show .

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@mastertien123 Feedbnackula was an everyweek show from the very beginning. It only became shorter due to some new site policy or something.

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You spelled weapon wrong on the front page lol

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@liam82517 Good job bro.

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now that's what i call incredibly awesome.... Ubisoft, you do great job

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Wow! Since this game has finally come out and i have seen it's shit, i really need to remove this from my followed games.

Just get shivers from this game because it's so horrible compared to real Splinter Cell games.

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@quakke If you play on perfectionist it's just like old splinter cells. Just without Ironside, which I still can't get used to.

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I'm hearing it's not like Splinter Cells, since you have health regen on Perfectionist mode also (why the f*?). And because the levels are made so that there are these "covers" everywhere so that you can hide (aka unrealistic surroundings).

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@quakke @GOGOGOGURT why would you need health regen anyway, if you plan on being undetected. I haven't seen any covers that would make the environments unrealistic really, and they won't help you too much because most of the guards have an annoying walk pattern covering most of the ground, thus rendering much of the cover useless. Stop following what everyone says and try it for yourself, as a huge fan of the first three Splinter Cell games I see this as a redeeming for the series.

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@AggrandizedUser play it on the PC!

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@AggrandizedUser Terrible frame rate as in how many fps?

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Humor is too forced in this one. But still appreciate the effort.

Being funny is hard, but you've been doing a good job so far. Keep it up!

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@Dyabolikus Are you kidding? He's George Carlin compared to the Feedbakula guy or others there.

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@4le_breVVer Naa johnny is great and this guy aint bad either, it's that effin news gal that grinds my teeth

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Freaking love this game. So happy I bought it.

HOWEVER! Ubisoft needs to patch the multiplayer SOON! Both the PS3 and Wii U (as far as I know) have issues with disconnecting and freezing players' game systems (meaning you have to unplug the power...) during the middle of an online match.

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Anyone pre-order this on PC? I pre ordered it from Amazon and they didn't give me the codes for the pre order bonus content, saying it was only for the console versions. Just trying to get an idea if I'm the only one who got screwed.

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@TheAgingGamer I pre-ordered from steam and got everything from them. I would try sending amazon an email and seen what's up.