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2016 was a great year for diverse protagonists in video games. The gang decides to discuss some of the best ones.

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Why should this warrant praise for video games? How about gameplay, story, etc?

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"great diverse protagonists" = black. Got it!

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Because "diversity" means "fewer white people". Always has. You almost never hear the word used in any other context (when talking about people).

You very rarely hear it used in female dominated areas either. Try and find a single example of where "diversity" is being used to mean "there are too many women here, we need some more men".

Maybe there's 1 example somewhere but I haven't seen it.

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@garywood69: Here's your example, where diversity means advocating for more men in a predominantly female occupation. You can find similar pushes to have more gender diversity, specifically men, in fields such as primary school teaching, cosmetics, fashion, and many other historically female dominated fields. Unfortunately, due to a lingering cultural bias favoring men in professional fields, there is more ground to be made for the sake of women (particularly speaking as somebody who works in a STEM field where my colleagues are overwhelmingly male), which s likely why you don't see men diversity for the sake of men. I think it's important to point out that the objectives for programs that are specifically trying to advocate for women and minorities never purposefully include discrimination against white men.

Human video game protagonists have been predominantly white men because, historically, that has matched the primary customer base for gamers. The gaming community is tremendously more diverse than it was even a decade ago, and with that, I think its understandable that developers would try to exemplify diversification in their games. Diversity is a two-way street. I think we all benefit from exposure to different backgrounds.

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There is no lingering cultural bias in favour of men.

Your colleagues in STEM fields are overwhelmingly male because much more men choose to study those subjects. Nothing is stopping women from doing it, in fact there are thousands of programs trying to encourage them to do so. They just choose not to at the same rates as men do.

The bias, at the education level, is now overwhelmingly in favour of women. Girls do better at pretty much every level of education than boys do and make up the majority of college students in most western countries now.